Aloe Vera!: The Miracle Cure-all!

This is a wacky Flash movie that The Infamous Trev-MUN(also one who did Ragnarok Wisdom: ) made. Go check. Completly crazy. :smiley:

But Wait! There’s MORE!

Oh, crap, there isn’t. My bad.



That’s odd, I thought FeBreeze solves everything, not aloe vera.

febreeze does solve everything. apparently, aloe vera does too.

aloe vera actually makes really good lube.

That was just plain funny.

Sil: I didn’t need that mental image :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont have a lampshade, looks like it sucks to be me :frowning:


What the heck are Aloe vera and Febreze? O_O?

That is one freaky flash cartoon.

Aloe Vera is a cactus, although, you only use the inside of it. And it’s pretty much treated as a cure against all, although, I didn’t know it could make you shoot lightning bolts from your ass and even less turn you green.

Originally posted by Mabatsekker
What the heck are Aloe vera and Febreze? O_O?

febreeze is supposed to be a home fragrance spray, but it has recently been known to solve just about anything.

this is all the proof you need.

as for aloe vera, well, watch the movie!