allright stupids

I notice all these threads about people being mean to everyone. and I propose this. if you cant be nice, fake it. ok? starting now. fake nice. ok? sweet.

Affirmative, Liege! salutes

I love everyone here. :booster:

Love as in… perpetual distaste. :stuck_out_tongue:

positive vibrations…

also, I notice that if you go like :smiley: at the end of every post, it’ll give the impression that you’re happy, and being nice, so do that too! :smiley:

I don’t want to know where those “positive vibrations” are coming from.

Ok! :smiley:

from Funky town

<img src=“”>


Ooooooooh, Funkaaaaaaay! :slight_smile:

MAN, I f**king hate everything! errr, I love rainbows and chocolate fucking milkshakes.

Now Izlude, happy nice people don’t use the F word. :slight_smile: :smiley:

we all live in funky town which lies deep within the happy land, direct in the cutie woods, next to the honey river

I demand more shocked responses to the vibrator I posted.

but i saw it already. still funny though! :smiley:


ACK!!! Two much pastel thoughts! The happieness has overloaded, and it will implode, and severely injure us all in…3…2…1…


this fake happiness is actually making me real happy.