Allow me a moment

I’m waiting for a callback on a job I was at an interview at last week, and though he promised to get back to me twice already, nothing, and that’s a bummer because I felt like I aced that interview - which would be the first time I felt like I really aced a job interview.

In the middle of that mental rollercoaster of waiting and waiting for a result, I finally got some comments back from my essay supervisor, saying that it’s a good read but I have a lot of clean-up and stricting-up work to do before it can pass.


I’ve had a couple of good but not very productive days so I’m not as bummed as I was when I first got the essay comments, but still… before I get to the clean-up job, let me shed my Everybody’s Nice Big Sis status and just, for a moment, do this:



Get back in touch to ask for a status update. Show you’re interested in the job. It keeps your name at the top of the list. Same general advice given whenever applying for a job.

Thanks Nul :slight_smile:

984: Excellent advice that I’ve already followed once, that was the second time he promised to get back to me “in a few hours”. I’ll call him again on Monday, though. :slight_smile:

Dunno if it helps, but I’m awaiting callbacks on several jobs as well, and I haven’t gotten one yet. I’m full of nervous beans.

pat pat

Generic comment of support #6

Flippant remark.

Don’t worry about cleanup. I think of myself as an excellent writer and my thesis came back full of red marks. Just shrug, take the advice, and make the changes. I’d argue that the fact that it’s a “good read” is far, FAR more important than the niggling cleanup that needs to happen.

<strike>You know what you need? An evil cow!</strike>

Most of the time people who are in charge of hiring will say that they’ll call you back, but when you consider that they’ve probably got dozens more people that want to talk to them it’s not that strange that they aren’t able to call you back immediately.

Still, just keep at it and he can’t forget about you at least. :slight_smile:

(Edit: Woot. Post #1000… Again. I think I’ve reached 1k posts at least twice before too. Damn purges. :P)

As has been said, obsessive-compulsive stalker calls are the way to go.


Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Especially your heartfelt well-wishes, Charle, they will surely hold me over for the rest of the cold winter. XD

Cyber: Aye, we be in the same boat matey. :slight_smile:

Cid: Yeah, you’re right. Although it’s a sucky feeling that it didn’t pass, I know she liked to read it and I just have to cut off a bunch of fat and switch some things around. I did some of it yesterday, and I might get most of it done today if I just keep at it.

Poke and SE: [STRIKE]Hmm, I think an evil cat might suit me better. Then I can sit with it in my lap and slowly stroke its back as I plot. A cow is not well suited for that.[/STRIKE]

Seriously though, I’ll call him on Monday and see what happens.

At least yours picks up the phone. Mine told me to call at the beginning of February saying there would be a contract position open. Whenever I call it rings until it goes to voicemail.

It’s an Earthworm Jim quote.

Evil Jim has just been thrown in jail, and explains how he just wanted some evil friends, and then Jim says “You know what you need? An evil cow!”
Cue cow landing on his head, except this one looks much meaner than the usual cow, and says “You fools! I shall destroy you all… Starting with the lactose intolerant.”


You DO know that Shakespeare himself was only considered a so-so writer early in his career, don’t you Weii? Sometimes it takes the World its time to recognize our greatness. Hey, WE know how good you are, we have seen your stories! Also, what Cid said.

So forget about it for now, go have fun in the snow or whatever it is you Northlanders do to pass the time :stuck_out_tongue: and deal with it when you have to.

Meanwhile, have an Evil Cat:

In a more extreme example, a lot of critics ee cummings was illiterate.

Those are harsh words for a genius.

May the blessing of Freyja be upon you

Exactly, he’s one of my favourite poets, but when he first started writing, it wasn’t that people didn’t realize he was brilliant, they thought he did not know how to write. I mean, you’re leagues ahead of one of the most respect poets of our century, is basically what I’m saying.