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allergies are a state of mind.

Pretty dangerous states of mind O_o My asthma-related ones have nearly killed me in the past so many times that I’ve lost track of my visit-to-the-hospital count. Animals with fur or feathers, and dust are triggers for me, but cigarette smoke once sent me to the hospital with a severe asthma attack. Not nice >_<

A couple of years ago I went to an allergist and had a test done. I was allergic to cats, grass, dust, and pollen. That finally explained why my nose went nuts when spring started. I’ve been on the nose spray Nasonex since and my allergies have disapeared. I suggest getting some sort of medication for everyone that has allegergies.

I have an allergic reaction to dust. It used to be fairly serious (to the point where I would be sneezing continually), but after a few years, it’s gotten a lot better, and when I get reactions, they’re minor now.

I am somewhat allergic to dust and very allergic to certain cats and dogs, but so long as I keep my cat’s fur away from my eyes, things are not too bad.