I was wondering if anyone has really bad pollen allergys.

I do…

I got allergy to dust. And it sucks.

I used to be really allergic to grass, pollon, and animal hair, but my allergies have died down over the years. I’ve been getting shots for 10 years or so which has helped me combat them.

Animals mostly.

I’ve got this really bad allergy to Maple (which means that I can’t have syrup, mainly because it tastes nasty to me >_<), and I have a huge maple tree outside my bedroom window.

And I have a really mild allergy to cats and dogs, but there is only one place that I have ever seen any real effect from it. Man, I still can’t believe that Station Wagon’s still goin’!

Dust is the worst allergy to have, becasue its freaking everywhere, at least mine is slightly mild and I’ve grown out of it.

i don’t have any allergies, yay :smiley:

I’m allergic to dust, pollen, mold spores, animal dander (cats, dogs, etc.), and sulfur drugs. Those are all I can remember anyway. Luckily they aren’t serious, just more annoying…

I don’t seem to have any allergies. As I’ve grown older and encountered more people with allergic reactions to one thing or another, I’ve become gradually more conscious of how fortunate I am in that regard.

EDIT: d’oh. I said many, when I meant ANY. Corrected it now.

allergies are a state of mind.

Pollen, and liquorice.

I’m allergic to dust, which is why I almost never clean anything because it brings up a ton of dust, which throws me into the midsts of an insane sneezing spree, and pollen congests my nose, so during the spring Im addicted to stuff like afrin, and other nasal sprays.

All of my allergies are seasonal. Spring mostly. I don’t know what I’m allergic to but there’s a few weeks out of the year when I feel horrible.

Allergic to animals.
Not that bad, but I start sneezing if I hand around at e.g. my grandparents’ house too much. (Cats)

But for some reason I was able to be at a friends house for an hour or so without even being <I>remembered</I> that I’m allergic.
And they have at least two dogs and two cats…
Oh, and a bunch of kittens.

Pollen, dust, dustmites, paint fumes. All I need is animal fur for a full house :frowning:

Seriously though, allergies are not a state of mind, they’re a state of my frickin’ sinuses. How else could I catch hayfever on Christmas Day when it’s bloody freezing? Because there were pollen-producing flowers in the church that day. I wasn’t actually aware of them until about half a pint of mucus dropped out of my nose :frowning: :frowning:

Oh, and peanuts make me vomit like nobody’s business :frowning:

I’ve seem to just recently gotten an small allergy to pollen. I was sneezing and blowing my nose for like the past 2 weeks but it seems to have stopped. Maybe I was just sick.:hmm:

I have slight Hayfever, but I don’t seem to have it <b> every </b> year.

Wierd huh?

I’m allergic to everything. But I usually just ignore it.

i have a slight allergy to dust, but it’s too small to really bother me.

Let’s see, I’m allergic to pollen, dust, cats, dogs, probably some other stuff, and ceclor (a type of medicine). And I’m allergic to all of them pretty bad. Dogs are the least trouble.