Allergy Shots

Anyone get them? Are they effective? Are they expensive? Well they obliterate the symptoms that often make my life borderline unlivable? Because that would be great.

Edit: Yes, I’ve tried anti-histamine pills. They’re useless, just like most other over-the-counter pills that are diluted to about one billionth of an effective concentration.

Guys, stop posting in all those other lame-ass threads and help me out. I’m suffering here! SUFFERING!

Buy WoW, your body will forget it had allergies.

Yeah, that’s what Sin would say too, only he’s a biologist, so he’d actually give me useful fucking advice on top of it. But anyway.

Ask your doctor. Give him something to do!

Good thing I’m not Sin.

Good? If you were Sin you wouldn’t suck, dude.

If I weren’t myself I wouldn’t get to be super awesome at everything. Sure, I wouldn’t suck if I were Sin, but I wouldn’t be like, uber pro.

Anyway, if Canada’s health care system doesn’t offer free allergy shots, wanna letter bomb them with me?

Sure thing bud.

My mom had them for her allergy to animal fur. But they didn’t work, because she only came into contact with those animals in high dosages at certain times.

She used to get the effects of her allergy all the time, from (i guess) the fur that animals leave laying all over the place. The shots got rid of that, but whenever she would go over to her friends house (who owned a dog), the symptoms would return and be worse. It was because the shots could be tailored to be effective for short time high dosages of whatever you’re allergic to, or long time low dosages. In this case, she got the long time low dosage one, and whenever she came into contact with a dog for more than a few minutes, the effects came back.

She doesn’t remember the name, because she stopped taking them years ago. Though i should say that she is on a myriad of other medication for other unrelated things, and alot of times she can’t get the best medicines because they will interact with other medicine she is taking. She might have gotten crappy shots because the good shots would interfere with her other meds. Just thought i should say that.

Shes also currently trying this one shot that she gets once every 2 months, that aleves (lol i don’t know how to spell that :P) all of her allergy symptoms, not just the symptoms related with one allergy. She doesn’t know what thats called either, and she just started taking it. She says it works nicely though, but again, if she ever comes in contact with her allergy in high doses (like being around dogs), its ineffective.

Thank you for making me talk to my mom >=(

Well, my allergies aren’t pet related, I know this because I have 5 cats.

They’re pollen related, most likely, because they usually attack me in spring and at the end of autumn and beginning of winter, which means trees and ragweed.

I know the shots would help, but my main concern is the price. I can’t fucking dish out $75 a week for the first few weeks just to get three shots that should by all means be free, since my allergies are more debilitating than the time I broke my arm. This is serious shit, so I’m gonna be mad if I have to pay a lot for it.

You’re 18. What have you done the past years?

This coming from the man who could pay off a 20 thousand dollar debt within a year?! Shocking :wink:

Although I have no real advice to add, your allergies sound like they’re quite serious. You should have been to the doctors ages ago…though it shouldn’t cost much since this is like…Canada. Isn’t most of our healthcare free? :frowning:

What? I couldn’t pay off a 20 thousand dollar debt in like, 60 years.

But anyway, that’s the catch with Canadian health care: It’s “free,” unless it MATTERS.

My roommate my first year in college received allergy shots - from what I saw and from what she told me, they were very effective for her.
However, I don’t know how much they are, and I’m not familiar with the intricacies of the Canadian health care system, so I couldn’t tell you anything about costs. Here in the US, I believe her insurance covered at least part of it, if not all of it.

Well, myself, I get them for my house dust mite allergy, and they have worked WONDERS!!
Start with a weekly shot thing, for about 6 months usually, then monthly for about 2 years or something… to keep it working that is, the minimum length is 6 months after that. Your doctor should tell you everything, (allergist??)
But yeah, it worked awesomely for me, and it’s actually quite cheap. It’s about $30 for the serum first up, then you can usually get all your sessions with the doctor bulk-billed… or at least that’s how I got it…

But I reccommend it greatly!


Hmmm… so I’m not the only one around here who has to deal with that debilitating allergy. It’s like being on anesthesics for most of the year, and I can’t even think straight. I’ve been considering consulting a specialist myself. Dripping nose, sneezing all the time, that horrible sting in the eyes and nose, olfactory impairment… not to mention that no matter how many hours of sleep I get, I’m always tired.
I share your opinion on those stupid pills. Zyrtek, Xyzal, Aerius… useless pieces of crap! On a few occasions, I was so debilitated I had to put on one of the leftover anti-dust masks I’d bought for lab experiments in high school.