All your custom sprites are belong to us!

Can anyone help me here?
I need sprites of the CT characters but just the standing/walking ones

I should shoot you in the face for quoting that.

Sorry Urk…
but I figured it would get some attention :smiley:

If you wanted attention you should have set the title as “Wacky news link”

Or, “Sex! And now that I’ve got your attention …”

Can I bite him in the nuts?

Righto! Tell me to go and “It’s Jacksy time!”

Big Nutter
(Note That is a Staff in my hand!)

Maybe you should have made the sprite so that his hand ISN’T right next to his hand while he’s holding whatever the hell that thing is. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a staff, Yar. Geez, what do you think it is?

Hey Yar! Hey Yar! (- Outcast, Nice song) No fouth wall Breaking!!! Yup, A staff, or big Stick.

Big Stick! Are using that to make up for some thing else?

I do not think it is, if you are refering to a certain the male anatomy.

Big Nutter
(I can see a Face Plam coming!)

This is RPGC. There is no Fourth Wall.

Sorry been reading First Reality.

Big Nutter

Kay. This topic can die happy now.

Hang on…

WHAT was that about biting my nuts?!?!?


okay as long as there’s no nut chomping

Pulls out a shotgun and shoots Thread in the head

it is dead
and happy to be dead

Joe of the dark… Jo the mighty? makes another tick on her clone- list

Stop reviving this!