All that glitters is Diamonds and Pearls

So who among is will be picking up one of the new Pokemon games? Besides me, that is.

…hey, stop sniggering. Say what you will about them, they remain to be damn solid games. I’ve yet to play one of the main games that dissapointed me.

I caved and ordered them both, but for some reason Play-Asia won’t ship to Europe yet :frowning:

Any news on the trading? Possible to trade creatures via Wi-Fi service, or must use short-range wireless trading instead?

Any other new features (After x amount of new creatures.)

Trading and battling on wi-fi is go. Which is one of the main reasons I caved and ordered it, considering that I haven’t touched the series since Red/Blue. Also, pretty much all Pokemon ever can be gotten in DP, except the legendaries and starters. And the ones which you can’t get, you can trade for!

Also the day/night system is back and won’t die after 6 years this time.

Also the guy looks like a mongoloid. <a href=“”></a>

Sounds nice. Although I have enough stuff to do as is… (God forbid I have 3 hours in FFXII, and 30 hours in FFIII, 45+ in FFVI)

So I might have to leave it to June.

I won’t be getting it right away, but I will get it.

I will be getting it, like a bad rash that begs to be scratched. Right on the eve of finals.

May your willpower be true, RPT.

wi-fi trading and battling? Oh yes, it just keeps getting better and better. I’ll be getting it eventually.

The first thing I noticed when I started playing was the guy looks like a huge dweeb, so I made a female main character.

Also 2v2 battles are pretty cool, did they have those in the previous games?

2-on-2 battles were first used in Ruby/Sapphire.

I’ll definately be getting them when I can, the Pokemon games like these are great, and the only one I own is Leaf Green.

No. I cleaned up the first generation games and refused to look at Pokémon again. Considering my completion whore syndrome, it would force me to go through the other generations before getting to this, and I’m not willing to give up that much of my life.

By the way, what’s the current total number of critters now? I lost count at the end of Silver/Gold.

493. I’m kinda surprised they just didn’t make seven more for an even 500, but oh well.

Those slots are being saved for the new ones they’re going to release along side some additional Pokemon products.

Speaking of which.

I hope the creator of Pokemon has become filthy rich.

The first Gamecube game was nothing but 2v2, though I don’t know about the second.

I won’t be getting one myself, but my sister’s birthday is coming up, so… >_>

Actually, numbers 491, 492 and 493 are the ‘extra’ ones that are being saved for events. There are 500 ‘slots’ for the monsters in the game data, 7 that are used for other things. Essentially, 490 in all + 3 extras + 2 eggs (regular and Manaphy’s fancy one) + the three other forms of Deoxys + the two other forms of Wormadam.

That still doesn’t explain why they didn’t go to 500 though. With the profitability of the franchise, they’ll get there in 4-5 years time.

Well, it’s ordered. Should have it in 6-12 days.


I’ll need an actual DS before I can get this, feh. (Not to mention going through the rest of the damn backlog before I can get to Pokemon again.)

Oh, and furthermore – I’ll only be impressed once the number of Pokemon gets over NINE TH— shot