All of a sudden feels like I've been cheated

I have a protection (anti glare/radiation) screen on my monitor. Supposedly it would reduce the amount of harmful radiation coming towards the user.

Well, I left my cell phone right in front of my monitor as I was browsing the net today…

No, this is not a hoax about a cell phone going boom.

My phone’s cover has parts made of ZnS, that substance that glows green in the dark. Turns out, when I go back to my bedroom taking my phone in my hand, it’s glowing way more brighter than usual. I turn the light on, it’s still a little green (normally it’d be white).

There is only one way it could shine under room light like that. It was exposed to a very high dose of UV. I only saw it shine much under room light once before, when I exposed it to dark light on purpose. This time it isn’t glowing as strongly as after the said experience with DL, but is still strong enough to appear green under normal light.

I’ve been thinking of doing some experiment and then suing the company form which I bought the protection screen.

Also, I’m surprised at my monitor’s UV emitting capabilities. I don’t think this is safe, nor that it follows any regulations after what I saw it doing to my phone. I couldn’t find in google anything related to monitors UV emission regulations, but I think it’s because I didn’t know how to search properly. Could anybody give me some clues on it?

Can you find out exactly how much it would take to make the ZnS luminescent and then how much the screen is supposed to let through? You could certainly try a civil suit but unless the warrenty says the exact amount it reduces it by the company would almost certainly be able to shrug it off as under tolerable limits or some other legal-speak for ‘working-as-intended’.

Use a TFT, then you won’t have those Problems :stuck_out_tongue:
And yeah, here in Europe we have something called TCO95. All monitors that meet the TCO95 emission specifications get a little sticker like that: