"All My Cali Peeps" party :O O:

Me n’ Charlemagne have been talking about it. I wanted to do it, personally, think Christmas break, but I’ve only got two weeks left, and I bet some of y’all are already going back to school again :open_mouth: So, while it’s a tad early, it’s better to get the planning done now I suppose, since two weeks in advance never seemed to work before :stuck_out_tongue: So…

To anyone in southern california/can reach southern california, probly in the L.A area this summer, I would really like for all of us to chill, if anyone’s interested, that is. Who would be interested? And does anyone have any ideas? Times? Places? Days? Let’s get brainstorming as much as we can. I know it’s probly too early to know if you have plans, but, now you can make this one of your plans I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s get to it :smiley:

Ah what the hell, I’m in.

I think I should be able to get down there.

Sure, why not? It’d be cool if we could do it during Winter break but I guess it’s a wee bit late for that. I’m afraid I can’t really give any suggestions for Socal that don’t cost a ridiculous amount of money that I doubt many people have.

Those living in Northern/Central CA might want to look into a carpool to minimize costs and help out anyone who can’t make it down on their own.

Partying sounds good, see you whenever this summer.

While I could go, I don;t think I can.
MY mom doesn’t approve of going over to internet “stranger’s” houses.

Originally posted by Gizamaluke
While I could go, I don;t think I can.
MY mom doesn’t approve of going over to internet “stranger’s” houses.

Then you… cant go?

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Then you… cant go?

Jee. What gave it away?

Well you said you could, then you said you couldnt, I dont know what to beleive!

By could I mean I might have been able to go if wern;t for my mom.

I’m going to Cali this summer! When’s the party?

I still say Central Cali is a better idea.

But if I really need to, I’ll carpool with someone. I’m still gonna see all of you! ^^ I’m pretty much open to any time during the summer, I just need to know ahead of time in case I have a job and need to tell my boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

And this PARTAY better last a few days, for as much time/money it’s gonna take to get down there. :stuck_out_tongue:

CHARLE DEMANDS BEACH PARTY! With the singing, and the surfing and the volleyball and GLAVEN! nng hoi blaven.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
and GLAVEN! nng hoi blaven.

Well, I think we’re ALL looking forward to that bit.

I probably won’t be available after june.

I hope it rains on all of you during your all female sex orgy down there :stuck_out_tongue:

But have fun ^^ I’d come but uhh… no <.<;; I was in Cali once, and I discovered how much I hate deserts.

However, I comand you to all take many pictures! I think this should be a law, or something, at any get togethers that go on between people here.


Oh yeah, I’d go. If I was any more west than Eastern New York :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, guys.

If I had money for a plane ticket and a mom that’s cool enough to lemme go, I would <b>so</b> be there. I have neither, though.


Curse you west coast people for having fun without us! You knew we couldn’t get over there! Wait, I know! Let’s have an east coast party! :smiley:

I’d come, but,

  1. i cannot drive
  2. i have no alternate way of getting there
  3. my mom seems to think that me going somewhere without family nearby is absurd, and going places alone or with friends only during said trip would be just as unheard of, which reminds me that she wants to drag me to Nevada during spring break to meet her damned cousins…shudders
  4. if i left and didn’t bring Eden, he’d never forgive me and he’d be going god knows how long without his daily beating >>;
  5. i dislike warm places.

but all the same i hope you guys have fun and tell us how it went!

If I can stay for a week or more, I think I could talk my mom into it. She’s desperate to find places to dump me off during the summer.