All in favor of secession? *AYE!!*


…might become…

Is someone doing drugs or something? If that happens VT will look really dumb, kinda like CT does now. We have that weirld little corner that just sticks out.

EDIT: if you can’t see the pictures check here:

I think it would have been a better use of time for those people to change their town’s name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Luxumburg is quite large actually. At least when compared to Lichtenstein.

…And Monaco’s even tinier than that- I’m not contesting that the town is, in fact, a town, I’m just saying it’s a bit of a pissy one if it’s only got 1000 people in it.

…And Monaco is pretty tiny as well (something like one square mile), but large enough to hold motor races in :hahaha;

Here in Misery we have a town called Baker with 8 people in it. 1000 people isn’t that tiny of a town.

There are some towns with about a dozen or two dozen people in them that formed so that their country club in the town can avoid taxes.

Well, I was wondering why people down here in New Hampshire didn’t seem to like vermont people much. Must be why.