All in favor of secession? *AYE!!*

OMG this is so lame.

1000 people, for feck’s sake? :thud: Does that even constitute a town?

…And what are they planning to do, turn their old town into a dump and hoist the houses onto trucks to be moved 25 miles down the road? :get it?:

Is there no place safe from stupidity?

That’s just dumb…

Dumb indeed. Oh well, its technically a smart idea.

They want to avoid taxes by moving to a different state. By moving the border to the other side of their town.

And if they fail, they’ll ship of to some tax paradise?
I’ve seen it happen before. But then it was about nationality and national pride and not money. I think I like it best when it’s about money. Less emotions in that.

They just want to be a part of the Free State Project.

Originally posted by Nebagram
1000 people, for feck’s sake? :thud: Does that even constitute a town?

Now, I’m not contesting this is stupid, but FYI… The Vatican only has about 900 inhabitants (just 200 of which female), and it constitutes a country.

Yeah, but mind you, Macc, most of the men are priests. And most of the women are probably nuns.

And that is supposed to mean what exactly, in this day and age?

I’d make a joke about children, but it’d be in poor taste.

Umm… yeah. We have a county nearby that has like fifteen people in it and only one town. =p

Aren’t they considered City-States not countries? Though I learned that in History…I think the Vatican is one of the very few City-States left. Not that I really care but moving a town 25miles down the road seems to me as a waste of money for the taxpayers and since I am Canadian…I know about taxes :smiley:

No really, the Vatican’s a country, the smallest one in the world. Though Luxemburg would have to be close, most people mistake it for a coffee stain when they look at a map.

How did thr Vatican become a country anyway? Was it papal decree or something?

And if they’re trying to dodge taxes, then at least they’re doing it with style.

Because of this.

Whoo. Wordy. Thanks. :smiley:

Well hey, Texas almost became a permanent Republic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not even gonna mention the fact that some people think Texas IS still technically a republic, and try to vigilante up and stuff. … Crap, I just did.

Ha! Strong Badia’s even smaller, with population tire! And dere’s me and Strong Mad and da Cheat, too!