All hail king George, baby

Well, aren’t I a ray of sunshine lately?

“Land of the free”, was it?

It’s going around Livejournal and some other forums in this shape:

“This is quite possibly the most important news report of our generation. On October 17, 2006, President George W. Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which does away with Habeas Corpus and makes it perfectly legal for the government to secretly arrest any American citizen, strip him of his citizenship, hold him indefinitely without charges, try him in front of a military tribunal, and execute him in secret. This is sad, sad day for our country. Shame on all of us for letting this happen. With the signing of this act, the President has granted himself the powers of a dictator, courtesy of the U.S. Congress, and the zoned-out couch potato population of America.”

I’ve seen people say the Supreme Court will kill it - I sure hope so for you people. Christ on a pogo stick.


But yeah, fuck him. I hope what’s left of the working checks and balances will fix this, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

That fucker needs to be shot. Doesn’t it suck I have neither the means nor the will?

Oops. Sorry about that. I looked around, but I must have missed it :stuck_out_tongue: Not having a good day, it seems.

And Generic, better watch your fingers there :stuck_out_tongue:

Ԥ 950j. Finality or proceedings, findings, and sentences

provided in this chapter and notwithstanding any other provision
of law (including section 2241 of title 28 or any other habeas
corpus provision), no court, justice, or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or consider any claim or cause of action whatsoever,
including any action pending on or filed after the date of the
enactment of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, relating to
the prosecution, trial, or judgment of a military commission under
this chapter, including challenges to the lawfulness of procedures
of military commissions under this chapter.

Oops, that doesn’t sound good.

I don’t think it was an “oops”.

With the American Army doing live ammo drills on their side of the Great Lakes, I’m feeling wary as to how far they plan to push their jurisdicion.

Remember the 5th of November…

Is that a call to rise up?

Don’t assume big Dick would be any better. Your best bet is to nail the both of them simultaneously.

Suddenly Tony Blair seems like a poodle by comparison. Oh hang on a sec… :-/

We’re all going to be tortured as terrorist suspects now.

It was fucked up a week ago and it’s still fucked up today.

I thought we were bad, but you let your government do this. Wow, that’s realy bad.

Rest in Peace, the United States of America, the Land of the Free. George III - George W. Bush.

You’ll be able to reuse the Declaration of Indepence. You wouldn’t even have to change the name.

But not the Constitution!

Meh. You could write a new one and in the meanwhile reuse the Articles of Confederation. That would leave the president a powerless old runt.

There is, however, no legal time limit which would force the government to provide a Combatant Status Review Tribunal hearing. Prisoners are legally prohibited from petitioning any court for any reason before a CSRT hearing takes place. It has been pointed out that the government can thus detain any noncitizen for any length of time, without habeas or any other appeal, by delaying the CSRT hearing indefinitely.

Damn…thats bad…anyone see “In the name of the Father”?

The one thing that kinda gives me a vague hope is that, in the same sense, Bush could be tried under the same conditions once he’s left office. Unlikely, but one can dream.

Yep, but you could still be arrested for saying it - even without the act, like that girl people were talking about in another thread.

At least you guys still have to be caught first before receiving military care. A few decades ago, our governemnt passed acts that gave them the possibility to legally torture people or put them in exhile for simply being inconvenient to the government, wihtout a prior trial, military trial or not. Any journalist who published anything the government didn’t like could be arrested and, in case of trial, sentenced to death (while murderers and rapists couldn’t have the death sentence). The worst part is that they literally wrote in many acts that the president was not “limited” (could be translated as ‘restrained’) by the constitution, and if he passed anything that went against it, it would (for lack of a better word in English) “overwrite” said constitution.

We’re a regular democracy now, but lots of countries in the South and Central Americas are still like that to this day. You can see where Bush gets his ideas.