All good things...

Hi all.

A couple of recent threads have mentioned my absence. In fact, I actually check the boards quite regularly, though I have increasingly less time to participate in discussions. Alas, I long for the days when Merlin and I had nothing better to do than to write essays at each other…'twas a better, simpler time.

Unfortunately, those days are gone, and won’t be coming back. In a few months, I hope to have an academic position at a university; the interview process is underway already. I also got married recently, which may account for an additional shift in priorities. Life is busy, but quite invigorating.

I am not retiring; I plan to continue checking the boards regularly in my capacity as administrator, and I can see myself uploading more reviews to the site at some point, but it is unlikely that I will do much posting on the boards. However, just in case somebody might be interested to ask me something, I set up the following resource:

I never did make a ‘question thread’ in all my years of posting here. You can think of this as something similar. Feel free to ask whatever you want, as long as it fits in the character limit. However, questions are moderated, so writing inanities won’t get any of us very far. The best way to use this is if you are actually curious as to my opinion on something, or if there is something that you would like me to clarify. For example, “Is The 7th Saga better than Beyond The Beyond?” is surely a fine question. In any case, if I answer your question, I’ll try to give a detailed answer.

I wish everyone well – I think of RPGC fondly. But then, I’m not exactly ‘leaving.’ Call it more of a long voyage.

All best,

Sorry to hear you won’t post often again SK (but then as you said you’ve been sporadic for a while now.) On the other hand, I’m glad that it’s because things seem to be going great for you. Congratulations on the job (and the marriage!)

You are probably my favorite admin here, not just because of your great debating but also because you genuinely seemed to care about people.

I don’t have specific questions now (maybe I’ll think something later). Right now I just want to say: Best wishes.

I always figured I was Wilf’s favorite Admin.

Who the hell are you?

Just kidding! Good luck, and keep in touch!

I believe the answer to that one depends on which version of the 7th Saga you’re referring to. The unaltered version of Elnard is by far the most playable given things like a monster radar and the unique way it handles the major characters that you don’t choose. Trailing by a country mile would be Beyond the Beyond followed by the US’s romhacked version of The 7th Saga by virtue of the fact that regardless of how painful many of BtB’s dungeons become or how utterly bland the game’s plot, characters, or pacing are (even in face of being able to count on EVA’s 5th Angel as an airship) or even how ridiculously unfair the first third of the game is, it doesn’t fall into an unwinnable state because you picked a guy who’s rivaled by the healer character and hit the level that causes the [STRIKE]cheating bastard[/STRIKE] cheating bastard to acquire that goddamn Elixir spell. (Addendum: Man, The 7th Saga shrine looks incredibly barebones.)

Also, congrats on the advancement of your life. May you have many more advancements to come.

Don’t vanish now. Good luck with the academic position.

I hope whoever asked you how to be a good writer is going to follow your oblique recommendation and read Celine.

I may not know you much (or at all for that matter) however I do know you have had a significant impact on this website through your contributions and your participation on the boards. Therefore I would like to send my congratulations on your career and family life as well and best wishes for all your future endeavors! (think of me as a friendly stranger! :P)

Have a good one!!! :slight_smile:

Best wishes for your marriage and new job. I’ll look forward to reading any future reviews from you, which are always more insightful and interesting than the stuff on Gamespot and IGN.

It’s fair to say your absence has led to my disappearence as well. Nobody seems to miss me though :frowning: But I wish you the best. And I definitely read the writing questions response!