Alien vs. Predator review...Legendary Frog style

Yay! ^^

Saw this earlier. 'Tis indeed awesome.

And now I wanna see Lassie vs. Flipper. :mwahaha:

Heh. I guess this is the kind of reaction that people taking this movie seriously would have.

I actually (and to my eternal chagrin) had high hopes for this movie because it was neither and Alien sequel or a Predator sequel. Hooray, a chance for a fresh start with pre-established baddies, both rich in contextual substance and commentary on war, horror, space n’stuff!

Screwed again!

Even the references to the books, like <i>Hunter’s Planet</i> (eternal chagrin) and <i>Cold War</i> (eternally eternal and really long chagrin) were inadequate. Hooray for subtext.

And oh <b>GOD</b> is the PSA great. So 80’s I can feel NewWaves of neon coming off of it.

So-so. I liked the Bonus Film.

That movie did indeed suck. Whoever wins, we lose. Of less of course, we win. Which we did.

I told you guys that Toaster bot was real!

I’ve seen worse.