Alien VS Predator II

Anyone ever play this game? I have and it’s awesome (came out in 2001), a bit old I admit, but good nonetheless =)

I especially like the Predator campaign ^^

Yeah I have the game… doesn’t run to well on my computer. It’s pretty fun though, I like the Alien campaign a lot.

I liked it, but I thought predators were way overpowered (Yeah, they’re more powerful in the movies, but it’s a game. It’s supposed to be balanced), having the ability to regenerate energy in a couple seconds and then use the energy to restore life.

I liked the Aliens. They were really fun to play with. I thought humans were just meh since they only have guns and no real special abilities.

Yeah but the human campaign is fun in the sense that it’s very tense and stressful :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Humans was an actual game, as was the Aliens.

The predator one was just damned fun!


yeah… but in the predator campaign the least fun mission is when you get attacked by millions of little hatchling aliens in a tight space >_<!

But sneaking up on humans and reducing them to bloody rags when they hadn’t even noticed you was interesting. It beat getting killed every minute like in the Alien one.