Alex Chiu?

Is Alex Chiu a wacko? The flash movies Zero, and Steve brought to our attenion poked fun at him but oh well.

Edit-Damn it there was suppose to be a vote. Oh well I messed up sorry. This dose kind of poke fun at him, but look on Yahoo or Google for more info I’ve tried other links but they are not working.

Interesting… but I don’t think that it really works…

I agree and I wish him well. But if he still looks like this in 50 years then…

… we’ll know that his invention actually works!
But I still doubt that it will… meh…

I’m not sure if he spawned the ideas of magnet jewelry or not, but its been around for a while, i’ve seen them around mostly magnetic bracelets. He might just be one of those people who has a youthful face anyhow. It could work a tiny bit though, cause sugar pills work, who knows.

He offers eternal life for the low low price of five bucks for which he makes you a shoddy ring made of two fridge magnets. Oh yeah, and he likes Alicia Silverstone. All this is randomly (and badly) plastered all over his shoddily-made geocities-like site. He also has wonderful MSPaint-made GIF animations that look like they were made by several <strike>highly</strike>semi intelligent chipmunks working together to explain what he calls “Neo-Darwinism”. Oh yeah, Darwin couldn’t hold a candle to THIS genius, who couldn’t spell “my” correctly on his site.

Eternal life, physically, with only two magnets…yeah, he’s insane. He’s barely explained himself too, but whatever, his failure will illustrate his insanity.

If a little bit of energy is induced into the toes/fingers, a bigger energy gate would open up allowing more chi flow throughout the body enhancing blood circulation and metabolism

Besides from giving us eternal life, the pair of shoddy rings might enable us to shoot fireballs in the future… kewl invention man!