Alcohol is the Devil

Well, actualy I am just allergic to it. Its like i start having the hangover as soon as consumption begins… I never noticed until now because I have only had a few experiences with the fire water, and not one of those was something that involved moderation, so I had always figured that I drank too much. So now after finally drinking again, and discovering moderation in consumption… I have learned that my body treats alcohol like a Gremlin treats bright light.

:bowser: Well, at least that helps me makes the decision to be a designated driver or not. I’ll go drown my sorrow in a bottle of Dr. Pepper now…

Ok, Me and Weilia are quite opposite when drunk to each other drunken state. She is giggly girl and I’m serious and lean over and Does Auron’s “I’m really drunk!” after getting over the Horny part.

I can and have got wasted after one pint of Stella.

Big Nutter
Sorry Starstorm.

that freakin sucks. Id rather commit suicide “NO ALCOHOL!?!WTF?” SPLAT~~~~~=D

…is it possible to make non-hypoallergenic alcohol?

Join the club! I’m not allergic to alcohol I just can’t digest all forms of alcohol properly. I stay drunk twice as long and lets just say it’s not pleasant on the ride out.

Alcohol sucks… =
And yes, I’ve had it before. It doesn’t taste that much better than pepsi or anything, and being drunk is fucking stupid, so I see no point to alcohol except making those that enjoy it look really stupid.
(Edit: I’ve had 3 different types of whiskey, 5 different types of beer, and some very good white wine.)

I’m not allergic to it, but I’ve pretty much sworn off alchohol in all forms.

I didn’t know people could be allergic to alcohol.

EDIT- BN: …what?

Everybody knows what alcohol does to me…and YOUR MOM! :mwahaha:

I don’t see the big deal. Sure it’s a great way to party, but it’s not something to shit your pants over if you can’t have it. Then again, I’m biased since if I drink I’ll have another attack.

well, your right for one thing.its not a big deal.but to some people , its all they live for…pretty sad let me tell you

Alcohol is fine in moderation, and if you are around those who can watch over you just in case you take in a little too much. People who act fucking stupid when they are drunk either can’t control their drinking, or are stupid to begin with.

I don’t drink at all. It’s not like I have any physical problems with alcoholic drinks, I just don’t like the taste.

ahahaha shut up.

I personally can’t stand alcohol. It’s not an allergy, I just cannot STAND the taste of it. It’s sickening. If I do anything more than sip a pint of Guiness I’ll throw up. This means I’m usually the one with the Vodka+Coke in my hand and get drunk faster, ironically enough.

same here.I was just playing around about commiting suicide :Pactually, I hate it when people drink and stuff
…(why the hell am I posting so much here?)

At the age of 19, I can truthfully say that I have never had a drop of alcohol or beer. When I turn 21 Ill probaly try it but, until then I just have no reason to drink it.

I’ve never actually had any alcaholic drinks, with a couple exceptions. I don’t like the flavor of the stuff I’ve tried and I have no interest in drinking in the future.

Last …er … point?

What?! You’re saying you’re an Idiot. I think no one here wil dissagree with you there. I know you’ve not had any alcohol and you’re Smashed. Nutter Goes on a Kissing girls Rampage when drunk, exluding the lawer whom he wanted the panties off, and claimed to look like Rikku. But then He did nick the strong stuff and lost his balance and could only kiss her feet.

Nutter is a strange one, without alcohol You can’t graentee any thing, with … I’m only glad to be considerd to be one of the Lads. He has got me once or twice though.

2k and Big Nutter
1AM!! Bugger … Missed last orders. One thing for it: Fancy a kabab, 2k?

you know BN, I actually miss the days when you made sense for one goddamned minute

I’m Drunk… yet I’ve not drunk any alcohol…

Big Nutter
I do the phases execpt Drinking and the bad ones.

Please… Just… Shut up…