I just got paid today and I was thinking of buying some albums, I have the new System one so that’s out, but I was considering the new Nine Inch Nails album or the best of Marilyn Manson.
Does anybody have any other suggestions?

The new Dream Theater album is sick. But it isn’t out yet. least not to my knowledge. But I can’t remember the last time I paid for a CD, either.

I know how that feels, I’ll probably just buy the CD then rip it to mp3’s and put it on my laptop.

Judging by your purchases, this album probably isn’t right for you, but Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made comes out next week.

Are you sure you want me to suggest something? 'Cause all I ever listen to nowadays is Jrock and Jpop.

Still, if you like listening to that kind of stuff, I recommend SMILE by L’Arc~en~Ciel. It’s pretty darn good, and you could probably find it at any Suncoast store (or online).

smile was the begining of queen( im sure ur smile is different), but freddie mercury wasnt the lead singer, but he kept up with the group so when the leader singer dropped he would fill the spot. Then when freddie took the spot, after the other guy left cuz he thought it would amount to nothing, they needed to find a bass guitar, and they found him, they then renamed smile to Queen.

I say u buy classic rock albums. Queen’s Greatest hits 1&2, Pinkfloyd’s darkside of the moon.

I agree with NightmareGun, Queen Greatest hits is the shit.

yes it is, and there are plenty of songs on them too. SO if u plan to listen to the whole thing, pull up a chair and a couple of sodas and listen.

I mean i have the majority of their cds, and thr greatest hits has the very popular ones, but i enjoy the non-popular ones too.

The new SoaD is a pretty sweet album. Agreed on Queen. Also add Led Zeppelin to that list.

you gotta add van halen, he makes his guitar sing, that takes talent, and it ROCKS!!! Kansas as well, the leftoverture album, i think its the best cuz of the Carroy on my wayward son song. I love it so.

Do you have the old SoaD albums? I’d reccomend those, especially Toxicity. Toxicity’s much more catchy than Mezmerize.

Personally I’d suggest the new Gorillaz album “Demon Days” it’s a funk-pop-rock-hip hop orgasm.

I gotta ask a question first: are you thinking of buying new albums only, or any album?

Probably just new stuff…if it’s been out a while chances are I know it and either have it or don’t want it e.g Queen…I don’t really like them or Led Zeppelin.

The new NIN (With Teeth) is great although not as good as The Fragile.

From what I’ve heard in the new NiN, it’s uh… pretty formulaic. It’s NiN by numbers. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not surprised that it’s poppier after The Fragile’s over-artiness, though.

And the new SoaD… yes! I need it… now.

concerning NiN’s new album, with the exceptions of “The Hand that Feeds” and “Every Day is Exactly the Same”, there aren’t too many “fun” songs to rock out to. The new NiN album is pretty much meat-and-potatoes for the average Trent Reznor fanatic.

And since I worship System of a Down and the ground they walk on, I insist that everyone go out and buy/steal Mezmerize. But if you want to get aquainted with some of their older songs, listen to Steal this Album before any of their others. It is the best by far.

I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard a lot of the albums that I would recommend, old or new. I guess I could reccomend some newer stuff:

Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix(2004)
Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination(2004)
Megadeth - The System Has Failed(2004)
Judas Preist - Angel of Retribution(2005)
Crackwhore - Inner Piece(2005)
Antiquus - Ramayana(2005)

The new NIN isn’t too great, from what I’ve heard, although my friend says it’s really good, but he probably likes NIN more than me. And I haven’t heard anything off of the new System of a Down album… I can’t imagine it appealing to me too much.

I like Megadeth so I might check that out…is the new Priest stuff anything like the old stuff? I don’t like that much either >_>

Yeah, the new Priest is kind of like the old stuff. It’s a mixture of all their stuff, actually. It has a bit of heavy rock, which is how Priest started out. It’s still more “modern”, though.