Al Qaeda is fucked

What if I told you that Batman was real, and that I am he?

I’d say you were a liar.

Dammit :frowning:

Edit: What about Robin?

Well, you do look like someone who’d make a pasttime out of assdiving.

Assdiving isn’t SO bad

In these days of knee-jerk political correctness, it’s nice to see Batman kick propogandical ass.

He, uh, could’ve picked a better title, though.

it’s also pretty funny.

i agree bout the title though. the title sounds like it’s begging for someone to make fun of it.

I also agree about the title, it seems silly when the comic itself is taking a more serious approach. It’s a fun concept, and I hope it turns out to be good.

Case closed:

The Joker is AN AMERICAN lunatic!

Y’know, even I would have learned the alphabet before facing off against Captain America

MabatSekker : Who’s the guy with the red-skullish style mask or is it his head ?

Thats I guess, but I don’t batman likes fruit salad very much.

It’s the clash of centuries!

so um…exactly why is al qaeda attacking gotham? for lack of anything better to do or what?

Uhhh… Gotham=New York.

well yeah, but bum city no one’s ever heard of could also = new york. there are plenty of other places to go… and besides, they’d have to be occupying it in some way or another or else batman will be leaving and going to iraq.

Then why did he become the Iranian ambassador and attempt to kill the entire UN General Assembly under the guise of diplomatic immunity? >.>

As for Captain America, I wish I had a picture from an old copy of Wizard. It was Captain America giving the thumbs up and saying “Now remember kids, French Canadians are just as bad as the real thing.”



Gotta love patriotism that involves even the villains being patriotic-for-the-hell-of-it … Which incidentally reminds me of a BnG fancomic in which one character decries having a normally-diverse cast all agreeing on one thing in order to express the author’s opinions.