Al Franken wins Senate seat, Coleman concedes

The democrats have what, 59/100 seats now?


Filibusterproof majority! This could get interesting, though the last time this happened to the democrats, it didn’t. I really wonder what Obama will do.

The slightly right of center party has a majority over the far right party. Watch me dance. Woo. Awesome.

The grass is always greener isn’t it Genericangstyposter?

This isn’t a case of “the grass is always greener.” This isn’t enough. Our country is run by people that DO NOT share the values of their constituents. We should not be placated because Puppet Party B has a greater number of seats than Puppet Party A.

FINALLY!!! :ark:

The Senate now has 97 right wingers instead of 98. Can you feel the progress?

If it were, any right regarding abortion, sexual orientation, or de facto equality would vanish in a heartbeat, and Christianity would fill the public schools. But I presume that’s not what you’re hoping for?

You realize you just made the exact same mistake he did?

No, I don’t. I’m pointing out that constitutional law conflicts with the majority, probably in a way he supports. Whether that is counter-majoritarian virtue or simply anti-democratic, I don’t touch on. My point is that if you’re going to attack counter-majoritarianism, you should attack it no matter which political party it supports.

What was my mistake?

This can’t be more true. My wonderful New York State Senate has done absolutely no work in the last three plus weeks because the Democrats are mad that a couple of them voted with the Republicans. Now, to make it worse, one of the “traitors” went back to the Democrats and there’s a tie vote. They’ve been bitching the last three weeks about who’s in power. We don’t have a Lt. governor because we never replace Patterson’s position after his replaced Spitzer. I so don’t love NY.

Mathematically, it’s filibuster proof. Realistically, it’s not.

To invoke cloture, the yea votes need to make up at least 60% of the vote. No rounding. It HAS to be at least 60%. Unless Biden is serving in his only official duty as President of the Senate, the President Pro Tempore (Byrd) takes his spot. When serving as President Pro Temp, Byrd does not have a vote unless the votes are tied 50-50. A fifty-fifty split does no good when you need 60% in favor of cloture.

Anyway, without Biden there, we’re down to only 99 senators. As mentioned, there must be at least 60% in favor of cloture. Sixty percent of 99 is 59.4; however, we can’t have .4 of a senator vote in favor of cloture. Therefore, with 99 senators, sixty must still vote in favor of cloture. If only 59 voted yea, that would be only 59.59% in favor of cloture; that is not the required 60%.

So, without Biden, 60 aye votes are still needed. That still requires one Republican to cross the aisle (and every senator in the Democratic caucus to vote in favor). Let’s not forget about Ted Kennedy though. He’s sick; he’s not around all that often. He only shows up for hugely important votes (which I’m sure cloture counts as). However, let’s say he doesn’t show up. We’re down to 98 senators (assuming no Biden). Sixty percent of 98 is 58.8, rounds to 59. So, without Teddy boy, the Dems need 59 aye votes. But as mentioned, Byrd doesn’t get a vote. They still need a Republican to break rank.

Theoretically, the Dems could lower the threshold. That, however, would be hypocritical in light of their bitchfests about the nuclear option and Bush’s judicial nominees. The Dems in power did once change the cloture vote from 67 to 60 though. Who knows. They might lower it again. However, any lowering of the vote is dangerous when you realize they won’t be in power forever. The Republicans would be able to make use of any lower cloture threshold when they come back into power.

Anyway, yes, mathematically, the Dems have a filibuster proof majority. Realistically, it depends.

I miss quoting your posts.

Daw. I miss having you around in general. =|