Akinator, the Web Genius.


This is actually pretty old, but I’m totally addicted to this thing. Just think of a character, real or fictional, answer the questions and despair as the smug asshole smiles like a douchebag when he’s certain he’s got it. I had to get really obscure to beat him, since he usually gets it at 40 or 60 questions.

I owned him the first time with Fitzwilliam Darcy, so I got bored

I beat him after a few tries with really obscure cartoon characters (Mok from Rock and Rule, for one), ahaha.

…He answered Andrew Ryan (from BioShock).

I was thinking of Bernard (from Day of the Tentacle).

Yeah… He clearly failed that one, and he did it after, like, 20 questions or something.

I was pretty impressed the first time (I picked Jowy from Suikoden 2). I got him the next time with Ari from Okage: Shadow King.

I beat him in about 18 questions with the marquis de Carabas.

Beat him after about 20 questions. He guessed Jim Belushi. I was thinking of Van Montgomery.

He didn’t know who The 984 was.

He failed John Darnielle miserably with Stephen Lynch. Miserably.

I’m the first person to ever do Andrei Bely, I guess.

He got Manny Calevera (Grim Fandango), Minsc (Baldur’s Gate 1/2), Flea (Chrono Trigger), Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter series), and Akinator (Akinator).

He didn’t know who Dil from the Crying Game was.

He didn’t guess Glottis right- he guessed some other weird character from a Japanese game.

He mistook Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne for Mara Jade Skywalker:no2:

I’ve seen this before, it’s really entertaining.