"Akin to Sin" future?

I finished reading “Akin to Sin”, and I was wondering if anyone had heard anything from NoOne about continuing the story. I really liked it, and would hate for it to end with a cliffhanger like that.

Well if you’ve read Chapter 24, you kinda have finished it. I had plans for a sequel but they never came about. If you email me or IM me (tlozwarlock on AIM or tlozwarlock@yahoo.com) we can start a discussion of the story that I had fleshed out for the sequel. I’ve just been too busy in my British Modernist Novel studies at school to find the time to write much besides one offs and short story fiction. I’m studying for the GRE and I’m totally out of juice!

Thanks for reading it though! AtS really helped me develop my writing style and furthered my interest in writing in general. It’s not my best work, but it is my longest (to date).