How many people here have AIM(AOL instant messenger), because i hate looking in profiles, especially when they have it and they dont put it in there.

Funny, the second I saw this post, I couldn’t connect to AIM.
Might be a sign :frowning:

No wait, it’s back.

yes, im a curse to this site.

I do.

I do, too.



Me, but don’t add me. I generally only keep people on my list that I can converse with.

you saying i cant converse, and thanks for all the names, ill talk to ya, that is if you want me to. My new one is BlackHawkZer0, and yes its a zero as the o in zero. Its hard to get the name you want.

The only reason I stuck a 2001 after my name was because when I signed up with just Xelopheris, I was drunk and can’t remember the password.

lol, people do funny things when they are drunk, but it sucks to be them the next morning.

UIN: 13-527-563

I know how to add AIM users to my list, and I know how to add ICQ members to an AIM list once they’ve been ICQ’d, but how does one go about adding an ICQ number to an AIM list before being messaged by that person? Is it possible?

yes that is quite loud, isn’t it.

i dont know Mr saturn, it might be impossible.

Andi would have no clue about a hangover, cuz i have never had a sip of alchol in my life.

I have AIM. But you’re the last fucking person on this planet to get it.

Aim: omusicnazio


I expect many IM’s, please? Kthx.

Pshf, who’d IM you? :stuck_out_tongue: J/k

Hopefully not you.

Edit: Douche.

You’re right, I don’t. :frowning:

Charlemagne EPL

But dont message me, cuz I dont want to talk to you.*

*This is only in regards to NightmareGun, anyone else can send me a message or two.