AIM question...

AIM gives me an alert whenever I have a new email in my inbox. Unfortunately, it currently does so for my old AOL adress which I no longer use, and when I try to set it with my GMail adress, I get an error message.

Your request to update your email adress cannot be processed.

What gives?

The only thing i can think of is this. Have you set your GMail account to be able to use pop? AIM is probably using POP.

If you don’t know how, or don’t remember if you did, then go <a href=“”>here</a>.

Again, this is just a hunch :\

Then again, it might also be using IMAP, which gmail doesn’t support.

Are you setting it up for an SSL port?

It wasn’t configured like that. I tried doing so, but I still couldn’t set it on AIM.

I do not know what that means, so probobly not.

Heres another AIM question.

My buddy list keeps poping up when (I think) someone enters, leaves, goes idle and stuff. Ive looked into killing this, but its suppost to open little windows from the task bar isnt it? And its not doing that, its opening the whole buddy list. Any sugesstions?