AIM post #2

Does anyone know who schwinnfoxdemon is? Is this an RPGC person?

Probably BMO

Oh that crazy guy

No he’s Arian Samurai, but it wouldn’t surprise me that he’s running double identities. sigh and I was SO sure that I had some creepy guy stalking me.

Its someone who likes bikes, thats for sure.

That is my friend Shwinn, he goes to whitewater

You are the one who gave me the name, you should know. I mean you dont just pop up a name out of the blue and give it to someone , and say its you, ITS SOOO DAMN CONFUSING!!!

Theres a search feature on the boards for that.

Don’t worry, you’ll get one someday…

Anyone know who “Lord Althina” is? He took advantage of one of my errors and raped a chatroom full of young innocents. :frowning:

EDIT: stalks eva

Wasn’t “schwinnfoxdemon”, or whatever it is, posted a small while ago in an AIM post? Someone asking who uses AIM, and somebody said that?


Strangely enough, the person who posted that was Eva, Ninten. I assume she was joking.

That address sounds familiar to me though. If I remember who it belongs to, I’ll let you know.

Ah, hm…


Ahh so that’s who it was. I thought he or she came from RPGC and was playing a joke. Oh well, mods, if you want, you can lock this since it served its purpose.