Ahh! Attack of the board games!

That’s right. I’ve been getting back into board games recently.
Last night me and my friends sat up from 10:00 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. playing one game of risk. All the while we had St. Anger up all the way :cool:
This morning I downloaded Axis and Allies (board game turned to a PC game)… one damn good board game… anyone else been getting back into/playing their good ol’ board games?

I’ve been playing Detective, Scotland Yard, Monopoly & some others you might not know these days. I love board games.


Scrabble was always a favourite of mine.

I don’t play board games very much due to the lack of people to play with here.:frowning:

Does D&D count?

Axis & Allies for PC is full of bugs. The Russians have unlimited infantrymen and the Japanese become Germans. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the last board game I’ve played was Scrabble.

I love board games but I rarely get to play them.

But my cousins and I love to play a round of Star Wars Monopoly when they visit me.

the only board games i play now are monopoly and chess.

yes, i consider chess a board game.

Meh, chess is good. My friend was pissed because he kept losing by moving into check.

The only ones I like playing are Monopoly, Chess and Scrabble, so I don’t really play any others.

My best friend and I used to play chess all the time. That’s until he beat me every single time and I gave up. I like playing Monopoly and Scrabble on playsite.com . It solves the “I don’t have anybody to play with” problem although I’ve had some opponents that do nothing but cheat, but what are you going to do? Digital opponents are better than no opponents.

RISK!!! Me and my cousin would stay up to ungodly hours of the night playing and replaying each other at Risk.

Risk is the familial sport, my father, uncles and myself carve up the world, form unofficial alliances, backstab, the usual.

I love Monopoly. I also played Risk once, but when the whole thing got to seven hours long, I stopped to save my sanity.

Formula Dé, Monopoly, Civilization…

My personal favorites are CHess, Scrabble, and a not-very-well-known game called “Serenissima”. Don’t play much anymore, when I have friends over, we just play Smash Bros instead. Alas.

For us, it’s either Risk or…

DIPLOMACY! Yar-har-har…the Austrian-Hungarian-Russian coalition shall destroy all!

Oh yeah, I forgot I also have War 1 & 2, Combat & Chess. Gotta love the strategy ones.

I would be playing board games more often, but I’m afraid that I’d die from the dust covering those boxes.