As the news says, everything is fine, nothing is ruined. No conspiracies here, move along folks. OL will resume as normal.

As normal as can be -_…

Nice avatar and title, by the way. :stuck_out_tongue: Of course you’re not Ego…

Or are you? :o

What? Of course I’m not Ego, that’s just silly.

WELL, nice to see you again Spoony. I really like your sunglasses, by the way.
Good luck on the comic, and watch out for ghosts.:slight_smile:

I can see it now …

SPOONY: Hey, hey, don’t shoot! It’s me!

X: … Prove it.

SPOONY: You’re a dick.

X: … Okay.

:ulty: I know! We can call him Spoon Shady now!

CONSPIRICY! piano falls on GG

[stands up on the piano] Blown up and exploded!

You don’t fit those sunglasses. I could sell you a pair of coloured lenses, really cheap, only US$10,000.

good to see you back Spoony.

… PBB, what IS it with your sudden obsession with replying to every single thread you could think of here?

I dunno, but it’s causing me to undergo a sudden obsession with grabbing a shotgun and shooting him in the face at point-blank range.

Why would you use that instead of your Ragnarok Buster?

I dunno, might have something to do with the whole Quake 2 thing, or maybe Metal Slug X (which I just completed). Nothing like killing overweight mummy dogs efficiently.

i’m a post count whore. that’s why.

So am I (well, at one time) but at least I do so with a little class.

I used to be that way, but now I just have a lot to say.

I used to be like that, too … Now I only make one or two posts that aren’t on the ToB.

I used to get that way when I was within approximately 15 posts of a title “benchmark”. :slight_smile:

Yayyy, I knew you’d be all right, Spoony! Nice shades, woo hoo! Are those Eddie Bauers?

ir teh samrt…