I have my first job interview at the end of the week (I applied at Best Buy over the internet)… my first job interview EVER. o_o

Uh… and so… uh… does anyone have any tips? o_o

ummm, be polite, dress nicely, don’t wear a hat, bring your own pen, keep eye contact, shake hand, don’t pick your nose, be confident, wear deodorant

just a few things off the top of my head

Be yourself, just nicely dressed and not drooling all over the floor.

I don’t normally drool all over the floor… why would you think I did, Nulani?

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I don’t normally drool all over the floor… why would you think I did, Nulani?

It seems to be what the stereotypical Norwegian teenager does: It’s a positive thing that you aren’t one of them.

Dress nicely, but don’t overdress. They want somebody who fits in.

and for god’s sake, DO NOT LOOK NERVOUS.

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Be yourself, just nicely dressed and not drooling all over the floor.

that should say “be yourself unless you are some kinda weird psycho” :o

About the handshake, make sure he can tell you’re there, not just some dead fish. Grip hard, but not too hard.

Also, don’t pronounce his name Dumbass, even if it’s spelled Dumas.

On that same subject, try to pronouce the interviewer’s name right. A lot of people don’t like it when you don’t.

Don’t slouch and <strike>poke</strike> look him in the eye, but don’t stare.

Look and dress nicely, don’t act nervous, and whatever you do, DON’T ask about the pay first! You’ll look like a greedy bastard and lose the interview immediately!

Don’t be sassy or show mean expressions in your face. Smile if you can and pretend to be nice.

Daddy! hugs Rountree

In fact, even if they say “Do you have any more questions?”, try to prepare a few questions beforehand that are not “What’re my wages?”. Try not to mention pay, only how good you’ll be on the team or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

The best advice I’ve heard for interviews is “try to have fun with it”. Remember that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the job, so just pretend like you’re going to chill (in a professional way, of course) with the interviewer.

Like taking a test, make sure you are relaxed when you get there. Leave yourself plenty of time to arrive… nothing gets you nervous like arriving late. Also, meditate, or do whatever it is you do to relax.

Be sure to get a good sleep the night before the interview, and follow the advices already given. Good luck!

I have my first interview ever this week too, Roun! :open_mouth: (I had no interview for my current job… I just went in, got hired. easy.)

I bought a suit… It will be a scary experience. <.<;;;

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and for god’s sake, DO NOT LOOK NERVOUS.

Exactely. Don’t play around with any sticks, pens, buttons, don’t twiddle your thumbs or anything. Just stay calm, talk slowly and clearly.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> If you don’t get the job, send his co-workers a sicilian message.

TD, you got it the wrong way around, you send him the sicilian message BEFORE the interview :stuck_out_tongue:

Roun: Inquiries about pay are perfectly resonable, just dont use them as your opener :stuck_out_tongue:

If its full-time then you should try to be serious when asked why you applied, but for casual, most people don’t hold it against you if you are doing it to help you through uni/whatever. Don’t go overboard on the crap about being nice and just relax and try to enjoy yourself. Follow everyone elses advice and dont take any of it to heart (not even mine :stuck_out_tongue: ).

TD: You may be right, but you could send the message to the guy who got the job instead of you, with a small note saying “Leave… NOW!” :stuck_out_tongue: