Ah...this makes me feel like such a loser.


This chick is already a millioniare…and she’s only 17.

Eh, I can make love with my ego, like a leper messiah. I’m not impressed.

She’s a graphic designer, too. Not even past highschool. I think I’ll go drink myself into an early grave now. ._.

Between this, the chick getting arrested for using her dirty pillows as trash compacters, and the jacularity of both the loins and the lips I would have to go with the can compacter as the most awesome. (at least I know that she has huge tracks of land, is willing to show off the goods, and has a partner in crime)

On the plus side, I don’t feel bad for not making a multimillion dollar company out of a talent of designing artsy web page backgrounds namely for the fact that I don’t possess the talent of designing artsy web page backgrounds for if I did then I would probably have my own show on Bravo by now.

On a side note, can I interest anyone in a Tension Sheet?

That’s great but then again I’m not really losing any sleep at night. Well I am but for different reasons (like insomnia).

Marry her and then take all of her money in a divorce settlement because of irreconcilable differences. She’s 17, she’d be pretty damned naive. Problem solved. Next thread!

Im impressed…

Not bad. She certainly targeted a perfect market segment.

Advertisers who are targetting idiot teenagers with too much money and who are easily influenced, as demonstrated by their use of the web site?

a perfect market segment

idiot teenagers with too much money and who are easily influenced?


Girl buying power!