Ah, the good old days.

I miss battletoad’s senseless violence, plus it was hard to beat a villain like this, I just felt like sharing this.

Ah, good times, good times… I had the battletoads games, hell, I had “Battletoads Double Dragon” at one time.

Whoa, damn.

I had three battletoad games, one in NES, two in SNES, and I never went much far in them >_<

ahh yes. Ther’s a classic right there. And the Dark Queen is SO fugging hot

Ren, don’t feel bad. The Battletoads games were HARD! That SNES one was just too much; even the second level required weeks of practice.

Anyone who could beat the first NES one or the SNES one without cheats, save states, or that kind of stuff, is a gaming god in my books.

I feel good that I went way far. On NES I could reach that stage that involved a raft or something like that. On SNES it crashed when I got to the snakes stage. Damm broken cartdrige. Oh yeah, I only reached said stage after years trying, so it was too late to change for an OK one when I found it out. I also got battletoads + DD. I don’t remember 'till where I got in this one.

The furthest I’ve ever made it on the NES one was the third level. A friend and I got to the last level of Battle Toads and Double Dragons once, but only once. Those games were really hard.

I positively LOVED Battletoads growing up. I have the NES Battletoads and the BT/DD one on the SNES. I’m not 100% positive on this, but I THINK my brother and I beat the SNES game. It was incredibly hard, but it was as difficult as Luigi’s Mansion compared to the NES BT game.

Dude, I worship you and your brother just for being so good in battletoads!

I reached the witch in Toads + Dragon but I was so tired and my hands got so fucked due to overplaying that I couldn’t go on.

I once heard about a battletoads movie. Doesn anybody know something about it?

I remmber going to the last level in the Battletoads on NES.

I was so kickass back then.

I think I made it past the snakes without save states. MAybe farther.

mumblegrumblemumble I wouldn’t have had any problems beating her up…

I just couldn’t get past the third level…

That’s kinda the way it was with a LOT of NES games. I remember that Batman one was incredibly difficult too. And we could never beat that last boss on Ninja Gaiden. We used to hammer our controllers so much, hee hee! “Stupid game I told you to juuuuuump!!!” WHAM WHAM WHAM

Whoa Dude…I Hate The Dark Queen…I Had Battletoads & Double Dragon and Another one For SNES…that game blows…But Yeah…They were damn hard…I only reached the 5th Level in The SNES one…The One With Motorcicles and some badass Rat Following you…

Games I finished in NES:

Bugs Bunny, that one where he got birthday and looney tunes characters want his scalp
Mario Bros. 1, 2 & 3
Chip’n’Dale 1
Yo! Noid
Megaman 4 (japanese so I never understood what they said)
TMNT 2 (still gonna finish 3)

Dammit, I forgot a lot of names… I finished more than these.

I got battleToads and DOuble Dragons, and I used to have the other one for SNES. It was damn hard at times, but I beat it.

In the NES version- I could never get past the level with the bike-things, but I was really little at the time. I could probably do it now… maybe.

I remember that part. It was freakin’ hard. I ended up memorizing the correct path o_O

Me neither CC, the turbo tunnel was just so hard for me back then.

Ah, the memories!

I, too, failed to complete the Turbo Tunnel, although I came close. The speed in last portion of tunnel was too much for me.