Ah, summer...!

Summer… warm weather, freedom… It sets the mind free and allows people to relax a bit.
Many of us probably have special plans for it.
So, why not share ideas? What are you planning?

Eh, summer’s almost over here. You suck.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gonna spend a little more time at RPGC, maybe do some photoshopping.

Its almost August- its a little late for summer plans.

My plans are to look forwards to the ten days of freedom I’ll have between work and school chuckles

Well, have fun in your summer days manus. As for me, I gotta get ready for school. ;;. Oh well… It was fun ^^

WOO! 10 day camping trip in Ireland!

well, it was the best summer I’ve had in a long time… and I barely did anything ^_^;;

well, at least I’m finally going to be a Senior :slight_smile:

I have one month of summer left and I’ve been off for about a month and a half. My mom keeps screaming at me to get a job, but this is my last summer of freedome :stuck_out_tongue: At least I wont be new to high school life this year… I spent all last year’s summer freaking out about it.

My plans? Do nothing. Continue camping. Go to Texas. See nothing that relates to school. The usual.

sit around…go to beach…as it has been for the whole summer thus far, a little late with your question there though.

Dance! Or so I wish, anyway… =P I have a bit more than three weeks left of summer break. Nothing special to do until August…

I’ve pretty much just been hanging around. Summer is when I chill and just rest. Oddly enough, I party more during the school year than I do during the summer.

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Its almost August- its a little late for summer plans.

Not if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

And I refuse to divulge my plans.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Spending the remaining month working my summer job during the day, and doing sitework during the night. Sleep can wait until College.

I start High School next week. Joy.

Huh? That’s weird Cro, we start High School when we are 12.

Want me to jump for joy? 9th grade starts High School here. I dunno where you live so I haven’t the slightest.

England, remember?

I remembered after posting and decided not to Edit.

Ahh, 9th Grade? That’s weird, have you just turned 14? Over here Year 9 is for 14 yr olds, in September i’m in Year 10, and after that Year 11 and… GCSE’s.