Agressive Fighting Music

Okay, so you pop in Street Fighter 2 for the Umpteenth time and proceed to kick some serious ass. But something is wrong, you don’t get as much aggro off as you used to. That something is music: The beep-booping may have sounded great (and some songs still sound decent) back then, but you could use something more… agressive? You turn to your record collection and slam in some Prodigy. (NOT KUNG-FU) Fighting is in the Air.

Suggestions? Insights? “I use 300bpm DDR songs to increase my buttonmashing to 300 pushes per minute?”

Good songs that have proven themselves:

  • Immortals - Mortal Kombat (Hell Yes)

  • Prodigy - Voodoo People

  • Soilwork - Nerve

  • Games with musics? The FF7 boss theme is a thing to try too…

((N:GNT4 has too many sugary sweet happygoluckysongs))

The Ken Song, from OCRemix. Damn, that song is PERFECT for fighting to. Not just for Street Fighter, for anything that requires you get your blood pumping.

I might also suggest some of the battle themes from Legend of Mana. The Darkness Nova and Pain the Universe are particular favorites of mine. And anything by Offspring, probably. Especially Million Miles Away.

Val’s onto a good source. Most 16-bit RPGs (barring Dragon Quest) have similarly fast-paced battle music. A lot of later RPGs due to, but a good number of them went off trying to make the boss music sound majestic or overblown.

For specific recommendations, grab the two remix medleys off of the FFMQ soundtrack.

I’m afraid the target audience is the type of people who will bitch and moan at (non-legendary) videogame music…

Of course, the requirements would be mostly “not bleeping and blooping” but most OC remixes fit that bill well.

Val: “The Ken Song?”

Didn’t hit a certain niche yet…

FFMQ… might work. ((No battle themes remixes in OC yet ;_;))

The song that plays when fighting Yunalesca in FFX is really good.

Mabat: The Ken Song.

Also, I have a bunch of game soundtracks with stuff that should suit your needs, not the least of which are Legend of Mana and those two Mystic Quest remixes. If you contact me on AIM or something, I can see what I can do for you.

Edit: Hmm… you might need a track or two from Wild ARMs, then. That hsad good fighting music.

There’s this one german techno-ish song I know that really pumps me up when I listen to it…mayhap it’ll do the same for you. I’m uploading it to Rapidshare so you can judge for yourself.

And One - Panzermensch

Almost all of the Grandia series battle themes are good too.

Alright, after some extensive research (Thanks Sarka), I’ve gotten my hands on some good, agressive stuff:

Combichrist - Tractor ((A good “lounge” song for prepping))
Arch Enemy - Nemesis
American Head Charge - All wrapped up
Funker Vogt - Buried Alive
Soilwork - Observation Slave
The Haunted - 99
Monster Magnet - Powertrip*
Å ~Miyavi~ - Rock’n’Roll is not Dead*
KMFDM - Moron
KMFDM - World War III
Wumpscut - Breathe
Scooter - Fire

  • not as aggro but fits well too.

Panzermensch’s not bad but I’d kinda like it more as a DDR song :smiley: