Age of Booty

Anyone playing it? I know there’s people here who play RTS, so what the hell? I dig it so far, it’s an RTS without the positive feedback effect of most RTS games, or at least a much lighter positive feedback than most RTS, like say, Starcraft. There’s also hardly any emphasis on micro, which ultimately leaves you to place a larger emphasis on your strategy than your technical ability.

EDIT: Because I’m apparently the ONLY person who has even HEARD of this game, here’s a few links related to Age of Booty:

When I saw a topic called “Age of Booty” I knew it would be an SG topic.

I’m not really a big fan of pirate RTS games and I haven’t checked it out.

I was seriously thinking something else coming into this topic.

wtf, has no one ever HEARD of this game, or something?

I haven’t heard of it. But anything with a title like that HAS to be good.

I haven’t heard of it, what platform is it for?

Man, no one gives a SHIT about XBox Live Arcade releases, I swear :confused: Okay, check this out, I’m editing the main post with the wikipedia article and the gamestats page, which is essentially a link to a bunch of reviews:

Now seriously, some people fucking LEARN about this game and try it! It’s good! It’s really, really good!

Oh, XBox. :frowning: I wish I could play it. Goddamn I want an XBox.

And PSN. And coming soon to PC. Come on, I posted the articles - read them! Don’t just read MY posts! Augh :frowning:

I don’t have PSN either. >> But yeah, I read the articles after I posted that and then forgot to edit my post. I’ll get it when it comes out for PC then, it sounds pretty cool.