After the rain

Don’t you love the smell of wet grass after a rain?

There is little grass where I live, but people have planted lots of trees in some nearby places so I still get to catch that lovely smell after a rain has passed.

We have an average temperature of 32 C (89,6 F) here but when it rains it mostly drops to 20 C (68 F) I think… Anyway, it gets cool and I open all the windows of my apartment to let the cooling breeze in.

Do you like when it rains too?

Hehe Ren you’re so down to earth…I agree with you there, I love the rain and the aftermath of a storm. Though you’d probably appreciate it more, seeing as you live in Brazil…rainy days are beautiful, yes.

Only thing I like about the rain is watching it from indoors.

I don’t really like the aftermath where everything in all muddy and wet and people jump:runaway:in the puddles to get you wet.

Nature is for hippies, I enjoy the fresh smell of bio-technology.

And Beer.

i like the rain, i hate being in the rain.

but then again, rain in arizona is considered catastrophic…:slight_smile:

I love a good thunderstorm in the middle of the night when I’m laying down to go to bed. Nothing else relaxes me more then the sound of rain.

I love the rain, if it’s heavy rain I usually just go out for a walk in it. I also love the smell from the grass afterwards too.

<strike>I want to make passionate love to Urkani in the grass after the rain</strike> Yeah, the time after the rain is usually calming and satisfying. It’s kinda like having to urinate; the sky really has to go, so after it’s done everything’s just like “ahhhhhhh…” and shit…I guess…

Rain here comes in a variety of forms. Sometimes the sky goes gray and it gets dark, these are the times I like the least.

But sometimes a special kind of cloud is formed. It disperses light rather than blocking it. If it’s a sunny day the sky will shine in white and people with sensitive eyes may have to use sunglasses. This kind of cloud also floats very very low, giving an impression of a ‘ceiling’ over the city. Some rare times they will even descend to the city, causing a thin homogeneous fog that casts white shades on distant things. Since they float so low all their electricity is quickly captured by peaky things before they can let out any lightning.

A few days ago we had one of these that covered parts of the city like a blob. When something like this happens, they suck up umidity from the air to get denser and you feel like being under an air-conditioner in a ‘cool setting’ even when you’re in the open. The natural heat of buildings keeps it from ‘raining’ inside a house. When they condense they let out a very thin, gentle rain that is nice to feel on the skin.

dammit, i wanna live in the country you live in, ren…

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
dammit, i wanna live in the country you live in, ren…

I’m here ->

Less than 3 degrees away from the equatorial line.

We get too much rain here.

My basement floods.

Down here, Flordian weather is very unpredictable. There are times when it’ll look like it’s gonna rain, but later the clouds break up. And sometimes it’ll rain for just a few minutes, getting heavy for several seconds or so, and then slowly stop.

Sun showers are my favorite weather. The bright sun shining and the pouring rain make it seem the sky is crying joyously.
Not only that, but chances of seeing rainbows are higher.

I love rain: Especially heavy rain that comes along with crashing thunder and lovely bright lightning bolts. It’s probably a good thing, since it rains a lot around here.

i don’t like lightning; too bright.

I love the lightning at night. The thunder helps me relax and get to sleep easier.

insert attempt to hit on Urkani that has something to do with lightning, thunder, night and sleeping

/me wonders why X is suddenly so attracted to him.


/me gets nekkid.

/me runs away.

/me runs away fast.

I love the smell of rain before it falls! It smells so nice.