After beating Suikoden 1...

…Valkyrie Profile was next to fall. At Hard Mode. Taking a break befor tackling the Seraphic Gate.

Found the game pretty damn freaking good, and darn original if you ask me. Not just because of the bizzare(but fun) combat system, but the plot as well. I doubt I saw any other games like this one, and a shame a Sequel never came out.

I would’ve beaten the game in hard mode if it wasn’t for my damned disc screwing up right before Ragnarok. I would’ve like the see the ending in hard mode…that game rocked.

I never got to play Valkyrie Profile. I may try to find it now. Lun if you haven’t played Suikoden II yet, I highly suggest you do. It’s the best game in the series IMO.

Oh, I do indeed want to play Suiko 2, but y’know…I can’t find it anywhere, y’know?

<img src=“”> I’m sure that if you poke around #rpgc enough, someone can, ehm… “hook you up”. cough