Aerith's New Voice (non-spoilers)

This might be picky, but I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts II, and so far I’m not impressed with Mena Suvari as Aerith’s voice. It’s too chirpy for me. Mandy Moore had more of a husky quality to it, which led to the more motherly temperance which I believe Aerith is supposed to have. This just sounds like a teenager. Sorry to disappoint everyone looking forward to Advent Children (same voice).

Speaking of Final Fantasy voices in Kingdom Hearts… did anyone else notice what Setzer said during the tournament, right as his round began? “My life is a chip in your pile… ante up!”

Noticed that, but where’s his theme song? :wave:
(okay, so I’ve only played to the next save point afterwards)

I noticed, and then went ‘Okay’ and delivered the smackdown to his face.

Nerf or nothin. He isn’t very tough with Guard equipped.

I refuse to believe that was Setzer. He was way too easy to beat. But at least he wasn’t Seifer, who moved like he learned to fight by watching his drunk old man wave a broken berr bottle around.

I don’t like Aeris’ new voice. it sounds too unsure for her. While I always thought her character was flat, she definitely was strong. That wasn’t her.

Well, Mena Suvari is flat…

I agree, I liked her old voice better. I also think that Leon’s new voice doesn’t fit the character of Squall very well, although it probably does fit the character of Leon, who’s seen and been through things Squall never was.

I’m really put out by Setzer. He looks way too flashy.

Well, I’d expect Setzer to act a little flashy. I mean, he DID crash an opera at the climax to abduct the lead actress, after all. But still, it jsut doesn’t feel like thim.

oh burn
American beauty

Setzer was all about subdued cool. He was a bit melodramatic, but in a sort of laid-back way. -_- OK, now I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s just that Amano and Nomura’s designs are totally incompatible with one another. But Setzer looked exactly like Seymour IMO.

I’ll drink to that. David Boreanaz was Squall (voice-wise). I don’t know why they had to use a different voice, especially since they were just doing flashbacks/old dialogue. As I understand, you sign away rights to use your stuff in other games once you have done it (maybe they’ve changed that).

Also, no one’s done this yet (come close though), but please keep this thread spoiler-free. Not just for me, but for everyone else who wants to play through with surprise. Thanks in advance.

Come to think of it, when I first saw Setzer(in KHII) in Famitsu magazine, I sorta thought that he was Ansem in a new costume. I mean come on, he looks just like him. He has silver hair(spiked up), a cape, and his face looks just like Ansem’s.

But I’m not sure about designs being incompatible, because Vivi looked the same way he did in FFIX. Speaking of Vivi, who does his voice over?

He didn’t have a freaky mouth on his hat in FF9.

Good point, and I just noticed today that he talks with the hat also. I am also quite upset with how they pronounced his name. I just don’t understand why they always have to change the design’s of the FF characters for the KH games.

There’s an excuse for that when it comes to FFVII. They obviously had to remodel the characters given how the models looked (i.e., the box hands, the short heights).

The FFVII characters weren’t the only one’s remodeled. Auron, Seifer, Vivi and Setzer had their designs changed, and weren’t from FFVII.

They wanted to have KH be a completely different series than FF. Just because FF characters make appearances doesn’t make KH an FF game. It has a very different style and the character designs emphasize that.

“Veevee” is how “Vivi” is meant to be pronounced. I don’t know how you’ve been pronouncing it, but it’s wrong.

Unfortunately, the Teedus/Tide-us can of worms has now been reopened, given that Selphie calls him “Teedus” in KH1 and “Tide-us” in KH2. X-X

I said when it came to FFVII, I didn’t say every one of the character was from VII. I can’t say that much for the other games since they lack the box hands, miniscula height, etc.

Thank you Cid, you have no idea how worried Quina’s post just made me. I read what he said and thought KH2 was pronouncing his name “Veh Veh” or something stupid. I haven’t played KH2 yet so I got more than a little worried. >.>

That’s why I thought it was a bad idea to be able to name Tidus in FFX. Especially since everyone was saying “hey” or “hey you” to him.

Then you should understand that both the Amano and Nomura characters are redesigned, which should make them compatible with each other.

aeriths new voice sucks stick with the old one!