Aeris the flower girl. Her name is Aeris. I want to know why they now believe it should be Aerith. The reason for the mix-up is because in japanese they’re spelled the same way. So then, why the hell are they saying that they got it wrong? In japanese, it would (i think) be spelled “aerisu” or “earisu,” depending on how you pronounce it. And how do you pronounce it? I want to know why there was a misunderstanding and how they know there was one. And i will always call her Aeris, unless i mean Aerith from KH.

i think this makes a very good statement about calling aeris aerith and sephiroth fagboy nutsack.

Actually, I WOULD want them to change it back if his original name was FagboyMcNutsack. Just because that’s a fucking awesome name.

Aerith was actually the original name. It was called Aeris exactly because of your contention, that in Japanese it’s spelled the same.

Generally, speaking, FF7 was full of awful translations, so between that and KH I’d go with KH every time.

that would make for some of the funniest dialogue

Cloud: Fagboy McNutsack and I were more like work partners.

                                         -Flashback in FF7

For a detailed description go here:
or navigate to gamefaqs->PSP->Advent Children FAQs->Plot Analysis
and find: *Q: “Aerith” or “Aeris”?: Which Should it be?

I dont like Aeirith as much as Aeris.

Ragnarok, while I agree with you that Aeris sounds much better, and I will probably also call her Aeris until the day I die, they are correct that her name is officially Aerith. While the Japanese kana can spell it either way, they also spelled it out using the roman alphabet (first seen in official art, I believe), and used ‘th’ instead of ‘s’. theWallflower’s link has a really good explanation for it,

As for how I pronounce it, I say it like it’s a homonym with ‘heiress’, which I noticed years later makes a bit of sense as she is sort of the heiress of the planet as the last of the Cetra. Not the intended connotation, but it makes me happy. :hahaha;

Sorry. Double posted by accident.

While they are correct that it was originally Aerith in Japanese, and it got changed in translation. DEAL WITH IT! My biggest pet peeve about GameFAQs is the amount of idiots who refuse to use the english translated names in their FAQs because they just think the original japenese names are “better”. They can deal with it. If you’re stuck with a name on the North American version, refer to that character by that name. Even if it’s not the sound for sound japanese translation, it’s still the god damn name that they set for North America, so use it.

There’s a reason some names are changed: they jsut sound better. I know I probably wouldn’t have been that interested in Rydia if they stuck with the Japanese version, with an L isntead of R. I know that in Japan, Lydia must sound foreign and stuff, but here, Rydia sounds better. Same for Terra in FFVI - Suits her way better than Tina did.