I have permission for Zero that I may advertise my website/forums. The url is

the website is attached. Via the website forum. These forums are surpose to be directed towads a dbz rpg. However I have also added some forums where others may rpg there on games. Some forums that you can just gossip, talk about books or sports. I have a Questions and Opinions board at the bottum of it, so if anyone would like to make a suggestion I would be happy to hear it.

Would you care to actually tell us anything about your forums other than the fact that they exist?

Yes, like ‘what is their purpose?’

Sorry, Guess that might help everyone. I’m not thinking clearly. I apologize.

You’re an idiot.

Well? DBZ role playing or something? Tell me or I will hurt you.

I don’t belive people still care about Dragon Ball Z…

Yeah, it’s been supplaunted by the “internet litmus test of thirteen-ness” by Naruto, I think. The implication being that DBZ is a bad joke nobody likes anymore, like All Your Base.

You’re warned.