For thoses who care to know, it’s now over.

That is all.

Ummm… Congratulations? Goodbye?

I figure that not everyone, nowdays, would understand what the hell I’d be speaking about. So, for you younger little folks, here:

Why I’m sharing this? Godamn, son, because I could, and because Adventurers! was pretty damn freakin popular here when I remembered it.

‘Was’? Adventurers! still kicks ass.

It was the very first webcomic I ever started reading on a regular basis (hence why it’s on the top if my ‘Spoony Reads’ list at OL, all the comics there are ordered by when I add em, with the exception of Anti-Hero for Hire, which I stuck under Adventurers! just because)

Sad to see it go, but all good things must etc etc etc.

I stopped reading adventurers when they went DBZ. Its kind of mind boggling to see it existed to this day.

Lots of webcomics I used to read are ending around now. Mostly because the artists are now graduating university. One of the most notable would be MacHall.

Adventurers! was the first webcomic I ever read. The ending was just perfect. Truly a great sendoff, as such a fine comic deserves.

Here’s to you, Adventurers!. :toast:

Mark Shallow still draws Anti-hero for Hire, though.

I’m not sure it’s actually over yet though, there may be another comic or two left.
I went and re-read every single ADV strip a week or two ago. They’re still just as awesome. And yes, there wasn’t much happening in the end, but the gags were still hilarious.
It didn’t go DBZ, it went FF7. It’s an RPG, remember, and a lot of the ideas there could be found in half a dozen titles.

Yeah. That was definitely an awesome ending there.

Ahh, one of my favorite webcomics, there. I’m sad to see it end, but at the same time, it’s better to end it than drag it on until it fades into a boring void.

Besides, Argent is cool :kissy: [STRIKE]And very cute shirtless and strapped to a table.[/STRIKE]

I haven’t been following it as religiously as I used to, but I’m also sad to see it go. At least it went out with a bang. Makes me happy. :3

About time!

I’ve read this thing for years, one of the best webcomics around. Endless endless in jokes about RPGs, I’m amazed the guy actually brought it to a conclusion.

Well? It’s not like RPGs don’t have endings. :wink: