Advent Children

I foundoOut a week ago why Advent Children was being push back some many
times.One they keep doing the voice over over over to get it right the Frist time
two adding more sence .That is what i found out so far

How nice.
I hope it’s been pushed back because they’re actually re-animating it to fit English voices. That’d be da shiznit.

In any case, it finally has an American release date, in late April.

Here is an official press release from SE


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children voice cast:
Cloud Strife: Steve Burton
Tifa Lockhart: Rachael Leigh Cook
Kadaj: Steve Staley, Steve Staley 2
Rufus Shinra: Wally Wingert
Reno: Quinton Flynn
Rude: Crispin Freeman
Yazoo: Dave Wittenberg
Loz: Fred Tatasciore
Vincent Valentine: Steve Blum
Barett Wallace: Beua Billingslea
Cid Highwind: Chris Edgerly
Yuffie Kisaragi: Christy Romano
Cait Sith: Gregg Ellis
Red XIII: Liam O’Brien
Reeve: Jamieson Price
Tseng: Ryun Yu
Elena: Bettina Bush
Marlene: Wallace Grace Rolek
Denzel: Benjamin Bryan
Girl: Andrea Bowen
Zack: Rick Gomez
Aerith Gainsborough: Mena Suvari
Sephiroth: George Newbern

Thank God they got rid of Lance Bass. I can just imagine him duking it out with Cloud. -_-

What’s wrong with Lance Bass?

His 15 minutes of fame are over, that’s all.

And what exactly were his 15 minutes of fame?

Being in *NSYNC

No, man, Lance Bass is immortalized in that poorly-made game on Newgrounds where you kill boy bands. That’s how he’ll be remembered now, thanks to the internets.

This, the new G n’ R album, Duke Nuke 'Em Forever, and the Bad Religion concert DVD are just four things that will never, ever, ever happen. Advent Children was never really made. The copies of it you’ve seen, if you have, are not actually the film Advent Children, but terrible hallucination based upon the effects of a nation-wide Ketamine trip incited by the Yakuza to make people hate Final Fantasy.
That is the only explanation I can come up with at least.

If you didn’t like it, you can just say so. O_o It’s pretty arrogant to say that it “was never made”, if by that you mean that there isn’t a single person out there who’d enjoy it, because that’s patently false.


An extremely obtuse joke, perhaps… what exactly was the point you were trying to make through your ostensible humor? :sunglasses:

“Steven Jay Blum”

I think I came.

I find it interesting that Aeris’ voice will also be her voice in KH2

And her voice in KH1, too.


Oh thank heaven,
For 7-11.

Didn’t AC have some bonus anime about the turks that came with it’s japanese release? Any news about that coming to North America?

It did (it was called FF7 Last Order) and you’re right, they aren’t mentioning it in the press release. I’m not sure.

I am not using a spoiler tag - KH2 is in the pipeline already (March 28th release).

You just reminded me to take a look at the KH2 voice cast.
Cloud, Tifa and Aerith same VA as AC. Nice, up till now, I thought it was just pure speculation.
As for Sephiroth = Lance Bass again?!

Her voice in KH1 was Mandy Moore.