Advent Children, one more time.

April 25 NA release and the marketing machina is switching gears - AC commercials hit the boob tube in the States over the weekend. has updated their site, now including two more clips of the English dubbed version of AC.
If you were wondering how AC characters would sound in English, here is a preview:

What the hell is an .asx?

You can see the clips on this site:

I really like vincent’s american voice from what I heard, it fits him well…

Yeah they don’t sound half bad. I’m quite impressed.
Tifa sounds a little different from what I would thought she should, but the others all sound decent.

Cids voice sounded weird to me but I guess it kinda fits

One more time: FFVII is a pointless 2 hour mess of suck and convoluted pointless Psychobabble wrapped up in a pretty audiovisual package.

[b]I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a " 2 hour mess of suck and convoluted pointless Psychobabble " I think its a great game and a great movie, but it’s just… ridiculously overrated probably because it was amoung the first 3D FF games.

Anyways does anyone know if stores are gonna sell it or do I hafta order or find some crazy Japan store to buy it from?[/b]

Meanwhile: Top Sellers (AC numero uno Apr 23)
Lots of FFVII fanboys out there :wink:

Just came across IGN VA interviews at the LA screening about two weeks ago.
Nice, but the interviewer sucks big time – asking Quinton Flynn if he had done something like this before?!


does anyone know if stores are gonna sell it or do I hafta order or find some crazy Japan store to buy it from?
You could buy AC from any major retailer (as of Apr 25), providing that they’ll have it in stock:

Did anyone else notice that the kid Tifa is protecting looks alot like Roxas from KH2?

I’m sorry I ment the movie.

And it’s released t hrough sony Pictures, so you should find it just about anywhere.

How dare you. As a verfied Final Fantasy fan, specializing in background and knowledge specifically on Final Fantasy 7, I can say without a doubt that you are absolutely wrong in every sense of the word. You’ve comitted a grave error of reporting, one that does a great disservice to the industry, and threatens viable reporting as we know it. Your statement is a fallacy of dire significance, and I fear that everyone who reads this board is gravely misinformed because of your incorrect information.

FFVII: AC is only 90 minutes. 100 with credits.

That made me smile. :sunglasses:

You’re statement is a jumbled mess of big words that I cant be bothered to look up.

AC is a textbook example of style over substance, and only for the hardest of hardcore blind followers of FFVII… kinda like you. For someone who can actually look past the eyecandy and goofy DBZ physics and “OMG IT’S SEPHIROTH!!!111” fan service, I find it has very little to offer.

I glanced past it. The eyecandy-and-goofy-DBZ-physics kept getting in the way. :smiley:

I thought the music was cool, but that’s about it.

They are also a joke.

Dragons Revenge: Way to completely miss the entire point of the post. That’s what happens when you can’t be bothered to read it. 8p

Of course it’s ‘style over substance;’ its a state-of-the-art graphical masterpiece, in my opinion. I think they just wanted to show off great 3D animation, and they pulled it off wonderfully. The fact that it had FFVII characters is just a sales gimick.

…wow I have havent posted here in ages.:mwahaha:

Who’s? Wallflowers? It was just a glorified version of “I’m a FFVII nerd, so I dont agree with you.” What point is there to miss in that?