Adobe Photoshop CS5

Normally, I wouldn’t care for putting this here. I’d argue you all don’t care much for hearing about Photoshop and the rest of Adobe’s BS. Anywho, turns out they pulled some mind-blowing shit for this version.

Apparently, Photoshop CS5 has this “content-aware fill” feature, that’s sorta described as spell-check for photos. Watch the video to get what I’m talking about.

(On a sidenote, fuck you Adobe. You just broke photography. And why wasn’t this out sooner?)

I could hardly believe this wasn’t an April Fools video. Amazing. Professional photographers will soon turn obsolete just as realistic artists did a century ago.

Makes me feel glad I didn’t buy CS4 last summer… this looks pretty cool. I’m assuming the student discount still applies for this new version?

It was, in the Gimp. It has a plugin which does basically the same thing called Resynthesize.

Gimp has this?

If you install the optional plugin, yes, though it’s probably not quite as smooth as CS5’s.

uh aw, I ih I aw uh ee

(translation: hold on, I think I dropped something)

My thoughts exactly.

I am shocked that Adobe will include such a useful option in their program. Or that a pc is doing what it’s told.

(caveat: even if it doesn’t work as well as in the video)

Interesting. Very interesting. I like the panorama-fill option (I wonder how well it would work with something less generic than clouds and mountains, though).

I didn’t know GIMP had something similar either. >.>

I didn’t even know that there was a CS4 out.

That said, extremely cool feature, if rather freaky black magic-like.

At least now I know that if I get half my face torn off in a boating accident, the family photos will still look good.

I’d almost like to claim that 25% of my degree’s graphical requirement skills just got obsolete. And apparently, I’ve missed the gimp part out totally too O_o;

Well mab, its time to either get busy livin’ or get busy die 'n

Same thing happened during my first course on HTML. Suddenly the assignment on Frames became ‘lol no’.

And I love it when that happens.

In our case it was more like “HTML? Psh, php is the way to go, just make use of this css while you’re at it.”

Y’know, having been one of the media forum’s “i draw pikt00rz” persons, I know jack about colouring them. I should really look into expanding my repertoire with a drawing pad from just penciling stuff up. :I

(Evidence: The one or three I’ve actually coloured have all been coloured with the aid of a tutorial…)

IF you know jack does that mean you do know stuff or you don’t…?

I think it means you know a person named Jack that does whatever you’re talking about, and that’s about all you know about whatever you’re talking about…

I think you know a lot of Jacks, GSG.

Fuck your jacks! This is U.S. America!

Oooooohhhh…pretty digital shinies. :3 So it goes: realism painter > photography > graphic artist? Awesome. I’m set for life.

I bet CS5 is a memory hog, though. I think I killed my latest graphics card just with PS7 (literally–the last program I used before the card died was photoshop.)