Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

April 4,1884–April 18,1943

Please note my informantion may be a little off since it’s been awhile since I’ve read books about him. I checked Wiki to make sure I was right about dates and spelling.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is without a doubt the man I respect and admire the most. Born in the poor village of Nagaoka and almost not going to school at all, the people of the village sold a large amount of food (most likely rice) to put the children in school. Yamamoto entered the navy in 1901 and graduated in 1904. Just in time for the Russo-Japanese war. In 1905 he lost two fingers and a chunk of his thy, the chunk he lost was about the size of an orange. There are two stories about how that may of happened. One story says that the gun he was stationed at accidentally exploded. The other says it was hit by a Russian shell. The Russian shell story seems to be the most popular.

In the 1920’s he was a naval attache to the Japanese embassy in Washington and traveled widely in America. In fact it was this trip that told him that war against the Americans could not be waged for long with victory as the goal.

In December of 1937 Yamamoto apologized personally to the American ambassador because of the sinking of the U.S. gunboat Panay. That caused him to be marked for assassination. This did not stop him from seeing a movie or visiting his Geisha friends. Regurdless of the mark of assassination on August 30, 1939 he was permoted to full Admiral.

Yamamoto did not want to fight a war. He voiced against joining the Germans and Italians but did little to stop conflict. He said: “My job is to fight wars not prevent them.” One of his most famous quotes about war with the U.S. was: “If I am told to fight… I shall run wild for the first six months… but I have utterly no confidence for the second or third year.”

After the British attack on Taranto it was all the proof he needed that an attack on Pearl Harbor was possable. The attack on Peral Harbor was conducted by Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. Yamamoto did not like Nagumo though. If Yamamoto had his way Nagumo wouldn’t of been anywhere near the Pacific war. In the Movie Tora Tora Tora Yamamoto says: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” I have read two books on Yamamoto and none of them hint that he said anything like that.

Yamamoto was in charge of the operations for the Battle of the Java Sea on February 27–28, 1942. Airpower did not play a significant role and the battle was fought almost entirely by cruisers. This went against Yamamoto’s better judgement, fortuneatly the Japanese won the battle defeating a force of Dutch, British, and American ships, enabling the IJN to seize Java.

Yamamoto and Nagumo, though seprate, were right about Midway. It was their staff like Ugaki(Ugake) and another Admiral (Whose name I can’t remember) that advised Nagumo that they were safe. The Japanese lost and were put on the defencive.

Even before it was exacuted, Yamamoto predicted island-hopping.

During and even after Guadalcanal Yamamoto age majorlly. He was upset and depressed about the terribe condisions the Japanese army went though. Yamamoto was always senceitive. One time back when Yamamoto was a Captain a pilot died in an accident. So he visited the parents. All of a sudden the emotion was too much and he collapsed on the floor crying. Not just once but twice. Yamamoto truely care about others.

On April 18,1943 Yamamoto was to give an inspection throughout the South Pacific. The Americans intersepted a code that told he was going and assassinated the Admiral. It is unclear if Yamamoto died instantly, but it is said when his body was found even in death he still looked proud and strong.

If any of you have questions about Yamamoto I’ll be happy to answer them as best I can.

Has Yamamoto appeared in any Manga, Anime or Game? I think I remember him in some work of fiction, but not which one. :thinking:

He died on my birthday? What a coincidence. I don’t know much about the man, save that he was a very good commander.

Well, there’s Space Battleship Yamamoto…

Oh wait, that’s Yamato. Never mind.

Well depends on what you mean. Axis and Allies (The new one) he’s a character you can play as. He’s also mentioned, at the very least, in most WWII games having to do with the pacific. As far as Anime I don’t know. I, mostly, gave up Anime when I got into WWII.

I was watching on UKTV History a WWII documantry about it the other night. So that’s why his name stopped being said half way though it.

I was gathering research on Poké games at the time, My mum was watching it.

If you are talking about Yamato let me say this: there are lots of Yamato’s.

Midway, we lost one, they lost four.

Thanks for pointing that out. Although I don’t see the reason to.

It was a key strategic loss for the Japanese, it was all down-hill for them after that.

Yes, but it was all downhill for America after the end of the revolutionary war.

Arac, That’s why we’re one of the dominant superpowers of the world.