AD&D - 8-bit style

I don’t know if this has already been posted since I don’t hang around much anymore, but you just gotta see this:

Priceless. X-D

Yeah, it’s a classic. XD

Old, but a awesome flash that will remain in our hearts for years to come

Yeah…old, but good. casts Magic Missle

Am I Getting Drunk?

Amusing, and FF1!

Big Nutter

Ah, yes, this.

Yeah, it was. Last year. Which is about 3 years after the mp3 that was based on.

It’s still hilarious.

I can’t open it >_<

And linked to last month.

holy shit! I didnt think anyone on the internet hadn’t already seen this!

Hey, I love that one.

Mwahaha! Yes, that one is very very funny…

Yar you seen it, Gary ask if he could cast it in March 2002.

Big Nutter
Chezh his Page

Old, but still great.

Never saw it before, but I loved it.

Actually, I believe 2002 was before this particular video was made. However, I have some random .WAV files from the original MP3 it’s from. So don’t talk to ME about what I’ve done or haven’t done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, i remember asking for a link to it like a month ago. It rocks so much.