Ackbar tell your relatives to go back to the sea. >:(


NEWPORT BEACH, California (AP) – Hundreds of giant squid are washing up on Orange County beaches, creating a scene more akin to “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” than “The O.C.”

The bug-eyed sea creatures, believed to be Humboldt squid, normally reside in deep water and only come to the surface at night. Why approximately 500 of them began washing up on the sands of Laguna Beach and Newport Beach on Tuesday isn’t clear.

Authorities said the squid – the biggest weighing 17 pounds – might have been pursuing bait fish and gotten too close to shore, or the tides might simply have carried them in.

“I have heard of this happening before, but it’s not a common occurrence,” lifeguard Capt. Eric Bauer of the Newport Beach Fire Department said Wednesday.

Authorities plan to remove the squid in the next couple of days and will give at least a couple to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for research.

In the meantime, beachgoers were advised not to eat or even touch them. “They probably have bacteria on them at this point,” Bauer said.

They’re coming for you!!

Don’t pick it up, it’s a trap!

Tch, silly squids. You don’t invade land without having lungs!

This is obviously the results of the destruction of Brother Blood’s Supersonic Undersea Base (as seen in the Teen Titans episode, “Wavelenght”.)

(BTW, watch Teen Titans, it’s one of the best animated series in this side of the Pacific, EVER.)

Or better yet, read Teen Titans, since it rocks so much harder than the series ever will! :smiley:

Ugh. You and your silly cartoons.

About the topic; I think it’s pretty cool. What with the squid invasion and all. Sean Howard’d be proud.

Oh, and Pierson, happy fucking birthday.

It’s an omen! Cthulhu is coming to drive us all mad and eat us! D: D: D:

And you say that as if that’s a bad thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… I wonder if AckBar and Cthulu are related…

oh, and, ALLAH ACKBAR!