Ace Attorney Investigations is coming... eventually.

Aka Gyakuten Kenji, previously known as Perfect Prosecutor by fandom.

I think it’s a MUCH better name than “Perfect Prosecutor”, which sounds like a Japanese name translated into English. The great thing about “attorney” is that it applies to both sides, despite how the wonky script seems to make it sound. :sunglasses:

I don’t think the game was ever officially called Perfect Prosecutor, but I agree, I never liked the prospect of it being called that. I was kind of just hoping it’d be called Ace Prosecutor, but oh well.

Anyways, yeah, I heard about this a day or two ago, and I’m pretty pleased about it. I didn’t care too much about this game until I played the flash demo (with a text translation available)…this game seems…just, awesome. I can’t wait, although I suppose I can because it’ll probably still be a while, heh :smiley:

Well, the official name of the series is “Ace Attorney”, so it makes sense they’d want to keep their IP going. :sunglasses:

That’s true…I guess I just never thought of it that way. Oh well. Semantics! I’m just happy this game is coming. If you haven’t tried the flash demo yet, you totally should.

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EDGEY! ^______^ dances around

Uh… I mean… uhh… cough Looks cool, guys. I’m going to go do some manly things over here.

Yeah, been following it. Can’t wait for its release. I need an AA fix.

I just finished replaying the first three, in fact. I always like re-reading murder mysteries once; it’s great to catch all the little hints that point to the culprit (or, in AA’s case, the method) that’s revealed at the end.

I played Apollo Justice too recently, though, so I’ll wait a bit to come back to it.

Yeah, I always go back and play them a second time, a few months or so after the first time. The first time I always try to find every last little piece of dialogue, but the second time, I just run through as quickly as I can.

Oddly enough, I’m replaying Apollo Justice right now. Spooky.

Speaking of which, I love Ema Skye. She’s not as funny as Gumshoe, though.

I enjoy Ema Skye in Apollo Justice, not so much in Rise From the Ashes.

I actually liked her character a lot in Rise from the Ashes (she was like Maya, but a bit less kooky-weird and more kooky-naive). I was pretty shocked when I saw what they did with her, but I got used to it.

I just felt like she was Maya #2. It was kind of insulting, I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both of the sisters were more or less physical copies of Mia and Maya. But I enjoyed that case, pain in the ass it was.

My favorite case from the series is probably the last one from Trials and Tribulations since Edgey had to play attorney for a while. I found it to be a nice role reversal.

SG: care to link to that text translation? I’d like to play that demo.

This game has Gumshoe, where Apollo Justice did not. Except in the flashback.

I approve.

I wasn’t wondering about Gumshoe as much as I was wondering about Maya. They don’t even explain what happens to her in between the two games! She just disappears.

Yeah, I was disappointed not to see her, or a teenaged Pearl. But I think the whole point is that they wanted to move away from the old cast.

But they had Phoenix Wright! How can you move away from the old cast when one of the principals is still a major character? You think he would have at least mentioned her- she was a very important part of his life.

I guess because if they didn’t at least have Phoenix there would have been lynchings involved.

There were a few hints about Maya. When Phoenix was recovering on the hospital, for instance, he had these Steel Samurai (or was it Pink Princess?) DVDs that he mentions a girl keeps dropping off for him.

There might’ve been one or two other things, but that one stands out.

Honestly, I’m glad we’re getting a game about Edgeworth. He’s more interesting than Apollo was. Besides some interesting gimmicks with the DS’s hardware, I didn’t much care for Apollo Justice, especially after Trials and Tribulations. The cases just weren’t as interesting.

I thought there were too many “So your sister’s cousin is actually my brother’s uncle!?!?!??!” moments in Apollo Justice, if you know what I mean. Other than that, I thought the cases were fairly solid. I like Klavier, too. Not as much as Edgeworth or Franziska von Karma (who’s by far my favorite), but slightly more than Godot. Don’t get me wrong about Godot, though, I like all the prosecutors. They’re all (at the very least) interesting.