Abraham Lincoln

So. On Friday I was told I look like Abraham Lincoln. I blame it on the chin curtain. Anyway, it got me to thinking.

There’s apparently an annual Halloween party big with the Wake law school. Like everyone goes or something. It sparked the idea of “Hm. Maybe I should go as Lincoln.” That’s not good enough though. Not good enough though at all.

I was sick today. While sick, drifting in and out of sleep, I usually have strange® thoughts. Then it came to me. What if… I went as Lincoln right after he was shot.

Oh I’d play it up too. Probably 60% of my class or more is from the accursed North. If asked to explain it, I would slip into a thicker Southern accent and state “As a Southerner, I wished to commemorate President Lincoln in his finest hour.” I know a guy who, after I tell him my idea, might be willing to go as John Wilkes Booth too.

So, what say you, RPGCitizens? Should The 984 go as Lincoln right after he was shot? <!-- We all know Arac will say yes -->

do it

I’d have to say no. That is kind of disrespectful and not really funny. It would sort of be like a one joke movie. You see it, you laugh a little, and then get tired of it since it isn’t showing anything new.

Yes. And if you have to buy drinks, pay in pennies. 500-600 if necessary.

Make it happen.

I made a joke about the whole being shot in the head thing a week or so ago. I was told I looked like Lincoln (because of my sideburns) and I mentioned that I hope nobody shoots me in the head. We laughed…lol

Anyways…go for it! Also, I like the paying in pennies idea.

If you go for it you’re gonna have to make damn sure nobody confuses you with pre-shot Lincoln.

You could always go as the Ghost of Lincoln instead (the joke would be much easier to get).

Or better yet come in as Pre-shot Lincoln hang out for about an hour or so then have your JWB come up and pop you in the back of the head, then have your buddy and whomever else you can recruit to cart your body off then come back as Ghost Lincoln to haunt the rest of the party.

I think the face paint and bloody shirt would make sure people knew I wasn’t regular Lincoln.

Go for it. Worse comes to worst, at least it’ll be a learning experience.

Plus, strange as it may sound, it’ll be a great way to meet people, since everyone will want to talk to you and will remember you from then on.

It’s horrible they allowed so many Northerners into a private Baptist college in the South - aren’t there quotas against that sort of thing? (Just playing my friends…)

If you really DO look like Lincoln, why not? Also, paying in pennies would be hilarious; use a $5 if you absolutely must.

It’s been nearly a century and a half. I don’t think it’s still too soon anymore.

Seven score and three years ago.

How could you even question an idea like that? You should already have the blood and make-up.

Yeah fag where’s your makeup

Assassinated Lincoln, no. Zombie Lincoln, yes.

Why didn’t The 984 inform us that he looks like Rex Hamilton earlier!?

I think going with the grotesque image of a rather normal Lincoln but with a bullet wound and blood and whatnot would have more impact than Zombie Lincoln. Zombie Lincoln would be like just Frankenstein’s monster in a top hat.

zombie lincoln xD anyway, yeah, go for it.

Do it. And take lots of pictures.