About the most accurate costume ever . . .


Minus the Griever necklace. Not sure it’s worth $3000 though XD

The neck fur is way off, and that’s the defining feature of Squall’s getup :frowning: Very nice, but not $3000 nice.

I’m with Hades here, it’s good, but I wouldn’t pay that much for it, besides the only thing I ever really liked was the Griever. Now, get me the SeeD uniform and we can talk.

Is it Leonheart or Lionheart?

How appropriate, for it to be draped over what appears to be a female mannequin.

That is impressive, but not worth the money. And I must admit Hades is right, the fur collar just doesn’t look anywhere near right.

And Seraphim, his name is Leonhart, his best attack was Lionheart. Simple, right?

I like, I really really like. Considering the effort that probably went into it, I can see where the maker may THINK 3k is a good amount to ask for it. And I’m sure theres some rich douche out there who also feels the sameway and will buy it. However, those of us not on cloud-9 can see that altering pants and a jacket and throwing some snazzy handmade buckles on pre-made belts is not really worth THAT much money… Sad though, that is a really cool outfit.

They take a size 12. I worked in a charty shop for a few weeks.

Big Nutter
I prefere the KH Squall.

This is why I stay the hell away from Anime conventions. Only thing worse than Squall costumes are Sephiroth costumes…

Nice silver mop for hair. Actually, it looks like a big pom pom.

I’ve seen so many good Sephiroth costumes being fucked over by awful wigs. If I were to dress up like that I’d just leave my hair like it is rather than ruin it like that.

The costume is great, but the hair is… ::dekar!::

Pretty sweet. I’m not surprised there’s not bids. $3000, yeesh.

You just stated why it it finished it’s run with no bids.

I mean, come on. Would you wear that outside your house?

At a costume party, or some celebration relevant to FF8, yes. Yes I would.