About the avtaras I was making

I’ve been working on my latest project, a shrine for HA, for quite some time (24 hours now). I’ve got the cast page sketch online. I’m posting this because all those B&W avatars are there, already edited for use (acuatlly the only editing was resizing, piece of cake). And you get to know who is that guy/girl you’re using as avvie.

Here they are.

On Arton, bards are special people: they’re artists, diplomats, adventurers, owners of many secret talents and legions of admirers. Hospitality is generous to them wherever they are, and they are protected by Tannah-Toh, the Goddess of Arts and Lore; it is said that killing a bard brings terrible bad luck!

Among the bards, Lucky Luigi is probably the most famous. Times ago he had been King Thormy of Valkaria’s personal bard, a trusted agent – but he lost this job thanks to the machinations of Sckhar, the King of the red dragons. In the past, Luigi was part of a group of adventurers together with the thief Leon Galtran, the necromancer Vladislav Tpish, the sea elf Lenora and the Paladin (before the Paladin received his powers).

Luigi is helping the Paladin to recover the Rubies. But nobody knows whether he has a mysterious goal to achieve…

Haw!, Lucky Luigi Ownz You all!

<B> “People are connected in this great organism we call World!”

I’ll put that on My Sig

These avatars rule Ren, and they are giving me a good chance to hone my photoshop skills, with the colorizations i’ve been doing.

And now I’ve saved the few I could use, for when others later tire of theirs.

You forgot to mention that bards have little to no defence.

Ooh, ooooh, Sea Elves =D

I wish this comic was translated in english and/or French and sent over here for us to buy and read :slight_smile:

He is not a common Bard, he is Lucky Luigi!


It doesn’t matter, no bard has good defence, ever. Even Hameln, The Violinist of Hamelin, had a rather low tolerence for pain, I mean comeon, he broke his legs almost everytime he jumped off of something, it was a comical breaking that only lasted a minute, but you get the idea.

Allright. But he ownz your Soul anyways!

Luigi has two strong defences: first he’s Lucky, and then in HA #6 we see a rain of arrows flying towards him and being magically deflected. Whether it was an illusion or some other kind of spell doesn’t matter, he was unharmed.

As for mine, I am the one who created the world’s greatest hero, so I think this makes me one of the most respectable :stuck_out_tongue:

Man…HA seems to be very interesting…Will you put some of HA comics in the Shrine? (I know they are portuguese…But i think it’s “similar” to spanish in some things)

I’m following that wave
I like mine :slight_smile:

I can’t upload scans to geocities, I’ll get sued… But I can upload the sketches. The official site has sketches for the first magazines to go on sale, I’ll get the sketches and translate them to English so everybody may read. As for the rest of the history, I’ll make it textually at first, and then I’m gonna try talking the the main author, who is a very nice guy, into allowing me to translate the comic books to English and then distributing in the internet. I’ll eventually find a way to do so.

How does Geocities know it was a scan?

Personal note got to post 100 first :slight_smile:

Geocities wouldn’t know as long as you don’t post them on your geocities site. And damn you frame, I was so close!

Geocities won’t know…

…It’s just that the author is my greatest idol ever… I wouldn’t feel good taking his works and distributing it for free, it would be… piracy…

And even so, someday someone would tell him.

I am gonna email him and ask if I can get it online, after all, it’s been some 1 or 2 years since the ending of the series. The greatest problem is the copyrights, held by the company who distributed the comic books. I bet if it weren’t for that, he would put the comics online for everybody to see for free (he’s done it at least 3 times with minor series).

I have seen HA #1 and #2 for free on the internet, but they were flash movies. They were dubbed (by amateurs – argh ), so there’s no way into translating that. I bet if things keep the way they are, I’ll have the whole series for free on the internet, but I don’t know when.

Heh…That’s just…great

the author holds the copyright, all the comic book company is doing is licenseing it out.

You’re right. I’m gonna try something this week.